Relationship updates on Holly and Blake, Michelle and Graham and Vienna and Kasey

By Carrie Bell
Updated September 14, 2011 05:00 PM
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC (2)

As Chris Harrison likes to remind viewers, Bachelor Pad is all about relationships.

With the final roses all handed out and the mansion shut down for a thorough sterilization, here’s a guide to which couples are still going strong and which have called it quits.

Holly Durst & Blake Julian

It was four days, “the longest of my life,” Blake says, until the 28-year-old dentist was reunited with his on-screen love interest, Holly Durst, 28. They spent the next two-and-a-half months on the phone, meeting secretly and texting.

“Good thing I have an unlimited plan because I would have gone broke,” he tells PEOPLE exclusively. “Falling for her was so natural. I never wanted alone time or to stop talking. That’s when I knew this was different. We’ve talked about being married about half the time we’ve dated.”

But the fact that Holly called off her engagement with Michael so recently weighed heavily on him. “I’d be a fool if I didn’t give that consideration,” he says. “I point blank asked her if she was ready and what makes our relationship different. I have to take her at her word when she says she has never felt like this before, that she is head over heels and ready to marry me.”

Holly was already set to move to Greenville, S.C., where he recently bought a dental practice, when Blake decided to pop the question and constructed a plan that involved the Bachelor Pad finale.

“We cooked up this scheme about filming a follow-up package on our relationship,” says Blake. “It was of paramount importance to surprise her. We went to a pottery studio and had our own Ghost moment, went to her place and talked and then were supposed to finish with the picnic. I had never been so nervous in my entire life. I kind of blacked out so it’s a good thing they got it on tape.”

The aspiring children’s author didn’t suspect a thing. “I thought I was just going on a regular picnic as part of the update package and didn’t expect it,” she says. “But I was so happy when it happened. I love him, love the ring and I have never been more excited in my life. I’m so happy this show is over and we can go out in public now.”

Michelle Money & Graham Bunn

The 30-year-old hairstylist and 32-year-old entrepreneur didn’t cuddle up to the cash, but Money says she left the show with something more important. “I left with a great man and I don’t just let anyone in to my life,” she explained backstage.

“I went through the hardest thing in my life losing my dad and [Graham] has been there for me every step of the way. I’m lucky.” But these two aren’t exactly official despite constant handholding and kissing.

“When we’re in the same city, we date. I usually pay,” he said. “At this moment though, we have separate lives and real obstacles in our way like we live in different states. But we’re a big part of each other’s lives and planning trips very soon.”

Money adds that she’d consider leaving her home in Utah for love, but New York City will have to wait. “Timing is huge for me and don’t see a move happening for the next year. I’m so close with my family and I want to grieve and spend as much time with them as possible. I also have to think about what’s best for my daughter. But a good man comes along only a few times in life so we’re taking it as it comes.”

Or, Graham may wind up making the move. “Utah’s a gorgeous place. I might just move there instead.”

Vienna Girardi & Kasey Kahl

Entrepreneur Kahl, 27, and the unemployed Girardi, 25, survived their tempestuous second stint on reality TV and say they are a better, stronger couple for it. “It’s hard to relive it every week, but it forced us to take a long look at our relationship, acknowledge things we need to work on like our tempers and made us stronger by the end,” says Girardi.

“We really did have some great times where we weren’t yelling, I swear,” she adds. “But we did learn a few things. One, we shouldn’t ever live with one of our exes and two, not having sex for three weeks causes tension.”

So the couple killed two birds with one stone by moving in together in Los Angeles. But Girardi says marriage is still in the distant future.

“We’re not ready for that yet. I’ve been through a quickie TV engagement and I want the next one to be genuine, private and real. That’s why I freaked a little when he pulled the ring out on the show.”

Adds Kahl: “She should have know better. I’m a cheeseball. I got a tattoo on TV. I’m not going to ask her on a couch with other people 20 feet away. When I do it, I’ll go all out and do it big, romantic and with the style people expect from Kasey Kahl.”