Hoda Kotb Freaks Out on Today After Learning She Will Finally Meet Oprah : 'I Need a Minute'

Hoda Kotb learned the exciting news from her Today cohost Jenna Bush Hager

Hoda Kotb‘s dream of meeting Oprah Winfrey is finally coming true!

On Monday, Kotb, 55, was shellshocked upon learning that Winfrey, 66, will be appearing on Hoda & Jenna & Friends on Friday.

After Kotb and her co-host Jenna Bush Hager observed their dream board, which features Winfrey, a “surprise box” was brought out.

Kotb opened the box to discover a remote and was instructed to press play. A video then played from when Bush Hager and Winfrey were in Florida together and spoke to Kotb and the other Today co-hosts via satellite video.

“Hoda, it is going to happen this year,” Winfrey promised Kotb in the old video, much to her excitement.

And as the show cut back to the two women live in the studio, Bush Hager, 38, dropped the big news that Winfrey will be coming to their New York City studio on Friday.

“What?!” Kotb replied in both shock and excitement as crew members backstage handed her an Oprah t-shirt to wear.

“Wait, this Friday?” a visibly shocked Kotb asked.

“She is going to be in our studio for our second show,” Bush Hager explained. “We have Oprah as one of our very first guests.”

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Jenna Bush Hager and Hoda Kotb. NBC

When Hager asked Kotb if she had an inkling about the surprise, the mother of two responded, “No! First of all, she did say one day, but … ”

“Okay, so as you know, her 2020 vision tour is all about wellness, so we are filling the audience with people who want to share in this journey that may not be able to see her on tour,” Bush Hager said. “They are coming to see her here.”

“I need a minute,” Kotb responded. “The fact that we are going to have a studio audience Thursday is enough to blow our minds … ”

“And then the second day is Oprah!” Bush Hager excitedly interjected. “Oprah!”

Kotb promised that she would wear the Oprah t-shirt all day. “Because you know why, it’s going to remind us that when you really do wish and hope and pray for something, it happens.”

<a href="https://people.com/tag/oprah-winfrey/" data-inlink="true">Oprah Winfrey</a> speaks during Oprah's 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus Tour presented by WW (Weight Watchers Reimagined) at Spectrum Center on January 18, 2020 in Charlotte
Jeff Hahne/Getty

Last month, the co-hosts revealed that they would be adding a live studio audience to their show every Thursday and Friday, calling it Hoda & Jenna & Friends.

Hager couldn’t help but get emotional at the news. “I’m so excited, I want to cry,” she said, tearing up.

NBC today

According to Variety, the pair will make use of Studio 6A, the facility that once housed David Letterman‘s Late Night and Megyn Kelly‘s Megyn Kelly Today.

NBC paired Kotb and Bush Hager as co-hosts of the morning show’s 10 a.m. slot last year after the hour’s longtime fixture Kathie Lee Gifford retired.

Tickets, which are free, are available at HodaAndJennaTickets.com. Today airs weekdays on NBC.

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