Hoda Kotb Says She Doesn't Get to Pick Her 'Today' Show Halloween Costumes: 'I'm Usually a Man'

The hosts of the NBC morning show go all out every Oct. 31

It’s no secret that the Today show goes all out for Halloween every year — but does the talent get a say in the costume selection?

During her appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Thursday, a caller asked co-anchor Hoda Kotb about the process, jokingly wondering “how traumatized” she is from her and Kathie Lee Gifford‘s Snoopy and Woodstock outfits, worn when the NBC morning show went with a Peanuts cartoon theme in 2015.

“That was the worst year we’ve ever had. The worst ever,” admitted Kotb, 55. “You can’t unsee it.”

<a href="https://people.com/tag/hoda-kotb/" data-inlink="true">Hoda Kotb</a> and Kathie Lee Gifford
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The mother of two confirmed that she does not have a say in what costume she wears.

“I feel like I’m always either a man or something hideous,” she said. “I was Yoda one year, and I’m usually a man. I don’t know why they keep picking me to do those things!”

So where does she rank this year’s John Travolta costume as Tony from Saturday Night Fever?

“The Travolta thing, I liked it!” she said. “I liked that one. I looked like Eddie Munster, it was clear.”

The TODAY gang goes all out for its Halloween 2019 theme, Everybody Dance TODAY, dressing up as the most famous dancers from TV and movies. See Craig Melvin and Al Roker as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Carlton; and Peter Alexander as Kevin Bacon in &ldquo;Footloose&rdquo;; Dylan Dreyer mimicking Elaine&rsquo;s memorably awkward moves from &ldquo;Seinfeld&rdquo;; Willie Geist and Jenna Bush Hager doing some &ldquo;Dirty Dancing&rdquo;; Sheinelle Jones as Janet Jackson in her &ldquo;Rhythm Nation&rdquo; phase; <a href="https://people.com/tag/hoda-kotb/" data-inlink="true">Hoda Kotb</a> as Danny in &ldquo;Saturday Night Live,&rdquo; and <a href="https://people.com/tag/savannah-guthrie/" data-inlink="true">Savannah Guthrie</a> and Carson Daly as Sandy and Denny from &ldquo;Grease&rdquo;!

The get-up was part of Today‘s dance theme for the holiday last month. Al Roker and Craig Melvin went as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air‘s Carlton and Will, respectively, Dylan Dreyer as Seinfeld‘s Elaine, Savannah Guthrie as Sandy and Carson Daly as Danny from Grease, Sheinelle Jones as Janet Jackson, and Peter Alexander as Kevin Bacon‘s character in Footloose.

Jenna Bush Hager, who is on maternity leave, even stopped by, dressed as Baby from the romantic comedy Dirty Dancing — with a little help from Willie Geist as Johnny.

Over at ABC’s Good Morning America, the cast went with a Studio 54-inspired disco theme, transforming the studio into a sparkling ’70s dance floor.

In 2018, the rival morning shows inadvertently both channeled the 1980s, resulting in an epic Halloween showdown.

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