The Speidi-centric episode dealt with the aftermath of Hurricane Stacie and ended with an ultimatum to seek outside help to fix their very broken relationship.

Speidi Spat No. 1: Stephanie tried to warn Spencer that he should be on his best behavior as Heidi had run into her ex in the Colorado and Mommy Montag was backing him heavily. Spencer’s reaction? Declare he too would start going out without asking Heidi to clear up what really happened. When she returned from the centennial state, they instantly started arguing and he irrationally equated drunk flirting with the bartender to running into a high school beau while at dinner with your parents in your hometown.

Speidi Spat No. 2: With no resolution, Spencer joined (evil) forces with Charlie, who came off even slimier than last week with his passenger seat rhyming and hip-hop shimmying, and met up with Stacie and her brunette babe posse at H.Wood. Meanwhile in Glendale, Steph convinced Heidi to go on a club crawl until she tracked down her man. Which was an even worse idea than that tired fur vest Stephanie was wearing — again — except, of course, when you thought about how rad the potential fireworks might be. At the club, Heidi marched right over and let Spencer have it. His bromantic partner jumped up to defend him, but Heidi would not be silenced: “Can I join this double date because that would be so much fun. I’m done. Don’t call me. I want nothing to do with you.” Steph added her two cents, assessing the skeeze level of the trio with her best line ever: “Do you own pants, homewrecker?”

Mourning After: Heidi bunked at Steph’s house but didn’t get much sleep worrying that her relationship was over. Steph spat out a few clich s to soothe her — “Love doesn’t make sense. No one said it was easy. Every couple goes through these stages.” (Uh, no they don’t) – before suggesting they seek therapy. Heidi was unsure Spencer deserved another chance but eventually gave him an ultimatum to see someone or “get out of my life.”

That’s What Friends Are For: The hole left by Whitney’s exodus to New York had yet to be filled at the publicity company and boss lady Kelly asked Lauren for some recommendations. She immediately went out and told Steph about it (apparently throwing all caution to the wind), and hooked her up with an interview. Steph would not have gotten the job on her own: She was overcome by nerves; inexperienced at label-making; and appeared to have exaggerated her French fluency. Kelly warned her about the no-crying rule (foreshadowing much?) and insulted her resume, but ultimately wondered if such folly could result in genius. Kelly reminded LC that Steph’s screw-ups would be her problem and that she’d have to fire if necessary. – Carrie Bell

Tell us: Can Heidi and Spencer’s dysfunctional relationship beyond help? Should LC have gotten Steph a job?Craig Sjodin/ABC