Hillary Clinton Pokes Fun of Self on 'SNL'

The presidential hopeful and the show's Amy Poehler play twins

It wasn’t quite Meet the Press, but it was still a national TV audience.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton dropped in on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, as the coda to an earlier sketch about how reporters have taken to fawning over her front-running rival, Barack Obama.

SNL cast member Amy Poehler again played Clinton on Saturday, wearing the exact same outfit as the New York senator – who toward the end of the sketch asked Poehler to return her earrings.

The appearance, said Clinton, according to the Associated Press, “wasn’t an endorsement of one candidate over another. I can say this confidently because when I asked if I could take it as an endorsement, I was told, ‘Absolutely not.’ But I still enjoyed that sketch a great deal because I simply adore Amy’s impression of me.”

Also on Saturday’s show was former Republican candidate – and former New York City Mayor – Rudy Giuliani, who lampooned himself during the show’s “Weekend Update” news segment. He noted that he had been his party’s frontrunner, but now he was reduced to appearing on “Update” with co-anchors Poehler and Seth Meyers.
Stephen M. Silverman

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