New Gladiator in Town: Hillary Clinton Visits the Set of 'Scandal'

Hillary Clinton – where Scandal films – is in Los Angeles to host three fundraisers

Photo: Source Instagram

Olivia Pope & Associates’ next client? A political maven who’s campaigning for the White House.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stopped by the set of Scandal on Monday, bringing real-world politics to Shonda Rhimes‘ fictionalized Washington, D.C.

Clinton mingled with Kerry Washington and Scott Foley, before posing with fictional Republican President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn).

“A good friend came by set today. Proud to say… #imwithher,” Washington wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of Clinton, 68, greeting the drama’s cast.

A source tells PEOPLE that Clinton “wasn’t shooting a scene or anything like that, she just stopped by to say hi to the cast and see some of the filming.”

Washington, 39, also posed alone with the former first lady, writing, again, “#imwithher” in reference to one of Clinton’s campaign slogans.

Foley, 43, took the meet-and-greet as an opportunity for a selfie, capturing a conversation between Clinton and Goldwyn, 55, in an over-the-shoulder shot.

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“So, this happened while I was directing tonight. No big deal,” Foley captioned. “#imwithher.”

Darby Stanchfield also nabbed an alone moment with Clinton, writing, “Wow! Look who stopped by the set of #Scandal tonight!”

Clinton is in Los Angeles – where Scandal films – for three fundraisers this week.

Reporting by PATRICK GOMEZ

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