Hilary Duff Calls Out Nico Tortorella for Being Naked on the Set of 'Younger'

Nico Tortorella also dishes on sex scenes with star Sutton Foster

Update: In May 2018, Nico Tortorella announced that they are gender fluid and use they/them pronouns. This content was written in October 2016, before they publicly announced their gender identity.

It's no secret that Nico Tortorella isn't afraid to take his clothes off while shooting Younger, but according to costar Hilary Duff, the actor prefers his birthday suit even when the cameras stop rolling.

Tortorella, 28, got a chance to react to Duff exposing his on-set habit, sharing that there's a perfectly logical reason for his absence of clothing.

"I have two full sleeves on the show, so I have to sit through hair and makeup for like, an hour every day that I get to work to get all these fake tattoos on. And so I have to have my shirt off for that," he tells PEOPLE Now. "Then they have to dry for a little bit, so it's just easier to not keep taking clothes on and off."

And Tortorella isn't apologizing for his wardrobe (or lack thereof).

"We all walk around naked at some point in the day, right?" he says. "I just do it more often than others."

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Even if his character has a shirt on, it likely won't be long until it comes off. Tortorella's character, Josh, isn't a stranger to some steamy scenes with Liza, played by Sutton Foster.

Although he admits he's "no expert, by any means" of performing a sex scene, Foster had never done one before signing on for the TV Land hit.

"I was actually her first sex scene ever," the actor explains. "Still, to this day, I'm the only one she's ever done it with."

Things may be hot on screen, but Tortorella admits that behind the scenes are just fun.

"We're a couple of big goofballs at the end of the day, so we just make light of the entire situation, and we are just laughing non-stop," he says.

Tortorella has huge admiration for his costar, not only for her acting skills but for her outlook on life.

"Sutton Foster lives in the land of puppies and rainbows, and I've really never seen anything like it," he says. She wants to surround herself with positivity constantly, and she does. If that's not the greatest thing to look up to, then I don't know what is."

Younger airs Wednesdays (10 p.m. ET) on TV Land.

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