Hilary Duff is planning a Ghostbusters-themed bash for her son Luca alongside her ex-husband Mike Comrie, who is facing sexual battery accusations

By Char Adams
March 10, 2017 10:41 AM

Hilary Duff has revealed she is planning her young son’s birthday bash alongside her ex-husband Mike Comrie – proving she is continuing to coparent with the retired hockey star amid a police investigation for alleged sexual battery.

The 29-year-old Younger star recently opened up about the party plans for Luca Cruz‘s 5th birthday, noting that Comrie will be a huge part of the festivities.

“We’re doing a backyard party, which I haven’t done since he was two. It’s always so much work, but I’m really excited about it,” Duff told E! News. “I think the Ghostbusters are showing up. It’s going to be like a whole thing.”

She added that party guests will have hot dogs, which are Ghostbusters character Slimer’s favorite treat.

Mike Comrie, Hilary Duff’s Ex-Husband, Is Under Investigation for Sexual Battery

“He is going to be on hot dog grilling duty,” she said. “We’re also going to have pizza and veggie and fruit trays.”

Duff and the 36-year-old former hockey player wed in 2010. They separated in 2014 and officially divorced in 2016. The pair agreed to co-parent their son and have been spotted out together several times since separating.

Duff is currently dating singer Matthew Koma.

The family appears to be functioning like usual, despite the LAPD confirming that Comrie is being investigated for alleged sexual battery.

Reps for Comrie have not responded to requests for comment on the investigation.

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Duff has not spoken out about the claims against her former husband, but told E! News that, above all, her son is her top priority.

“Obviously, [Luca] comes first,” she said. “Thinking about his well-being and his happiness and his safety and everything in between. When you are a mom, that is so natural to you.”

Although she tries to keep a low profile, Duff said being such a familiar face makes it difficult to live a private life.

“I live in a weird town where people have lots of curiosity about my life and I try to just go about my days as best I can,” she told E! News. “Every day brings something new.”