Hilarie Burton Joins Husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan on The Walking Dead as His Onscreen Wife

Hilarie Burton will guest star as the wife of her real-life husband's character on The Walking Dead

jeffrey dean morgan and hilarie burton
Jeffrey Dean Morgan (L) and Hilarie Burton. Photo: Courtesy The Morgans/AMC

Hilarie Burton will be appearing as a guest star on The Walking Dead, joining husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the AMC series.

Burton will appear as Lucille, the late wife of Morgan’s character, Negan, in one of the bonus episodes of season 10, according to Entertainment Weekly. Negan's famous weapon — the barbed wire covered baseball bat — was named after Lucille, who died of cancer at the cusp of the zombie apocalypse.

"Been pretty hard to keep this a secret," the One Tree Hill actress wrote on Twitter, confirming the news Tuesday. "But I love working with @JDMorgan. I love watching him become #Negan and take on that swagger," she said of her husband, who has starred on The Walking Dead since 2016.

"And I love the @TheWalkingDead family. They’ve been a part of our family for ages and I’m so grateful for their kindness," Burton concluded.

Burton, 38, and Morgan, 54, have been together for over 10 years and wed last October. Earlier this year, she opened up to PEOPLE about their longtime relationship, revealing that she can still recall in perfect detail the night she met her then future husband.

“When he came along, he was so sure of himself,” said Burton, who was introduced to Morgan at an Irish pub in Los Angeles by her former costar Danneel Ackles and her husband, actor Jensen Ackles. “I was not a girl anyone pursued. I’ve always been alpha. And Jeffrey was like, ‘You’re going to be my girlfriend.’ ”

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“It was so nice to be pursued,” she continued. “He’s a cute dude! And I liked that he knew exactly who he was. His confidence was intoxicating.”

Burton, who hosts AMC's Friday Night In with the Morgans with her husband, added that her relationship has allowed for her to be more authentic to herself.

“Jeffrey is the same guy now that he was when I met him,” she said. “He knew 100 percent who he was and that was a delight. Because I could be the one who could experiment. Being with someone so solid allowed me to grow.”

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