October 30, 2008 12:00 AM

The 6 remaining girls on Cycle 11 of America’s Top Model exuberantly arrive in Amsterdam, where they flaunt the most modelesque beauty and professionalism yet. In front of the cameras, that is. Behind the scenes is a different story. The social divide is more pronounced than ever as they experience the racy Red Light District, where anything goes. The girls have strong reactions the new and naughty scene, and split into two catty cliques.

Here’s a rundown:

Elina, Marjorie and Analeigh are progressively more … progressive. Their boho-European idiosyncrasies, demonstrated in group baths and super liberal opinions on just about everything, is getting to be a bit holier than thou. But it’s nice to see such sophisticated thinkers on a — ahem — reality show.

McKey, Samantha and Sheena are less articulate than Elina’a posse, considerably more conservative and potentially a little prudish. Some might call them simple-minded, but it seems they’re just earnest, honest, happy-go-lucky girls. Sheena can clearly keep up with Elina’a soliloquies, but it seems that with her nice, non-confrontational nature, it’s not even worth it.

The first challenge starts at the Amsterdam airport, where Daphne Deckers, host of Holland’s Next Top Model, greets them with a challenge. But first, they partner up. Elina oddly latches on to her nemesis, Samantha and for a moment we think their issues are water under the canal.

The teams roam aimlessly and euphorically through the streets during a scavenger hunt to find their new home. As Sheena says, “I thought it would be weed and sex and alcohol but … no, it’s so gorgeous.”

After am Amazing Race-like chase, Sam and Elina arrive to the house first. It’s fabulous. Straight out of Elle D cor Amsterdam. Everyone is tired, jetlagged and loopy, which might (or might not) explain why Sam sees a “lesbian bath moment” amongst Elina, Marjorie and Analiegh. The “Va-jay-jay shaving party” upsets McKey. We overhear Elina, mid-bubble, saying, “I really do come off as a miserable bitch half the time, huh?” Moving on …

The next morning Elina is ooh-ing and ah-ing about Amsterdam feeling like the Ukraine. McKey can’t stand her self-important shtick and says she’ll crack if she hears the word Russia again. Next, the models head to the Red Light District. Sheena is excited to see half naked women in the window. The other girls have mixed emotions about legalized prostitution, but before they get into their morality kicks, they’re kicked into some serious high fashion.

Everyone is partnered up again and sent upstairs to their respective windowsills. Sam and McKey get into little doll costumes and perform beautifully as a pretty, porcelain-like duo. Elina and Analiegh are draped in dramatic gowns, and do so-so, considering Analiegh was sloppily wrapped in her window’s decorations. Marjorie and Sheena get freaky in costumes that are awesomely avant-garde. Marjorie looks fantastically ugly-chic and does extraordinary poses with her pixie face and body.

Mckey and Sam win (!) and get the greatest prize yet: They’ll be walking various runways during Amsterdam Fashion Week.

The next challenge gets nautical when the girls jump aboard a big ship and get ready to rock ‘n’ roll the boar with hair, makeup and stylists. Mckey looks glamorous and glorious — this episode was honestly hers to own. As Mr. Jays says, “She’s slowly breaking out of her shell.” He says that Samantha, on the other hand, is “the girl that you love, but not the girl you love to shoot.” Sheena looks lovely, but blows it by straddling the beam and unleashing the bad-girl that won’t go away. Elina looks unbelievably beautiful but blocked out everything Jay said because she was so focused. She literally tuned him out.

Back at the Judges table, Tyra tries to makeover Sam’s unstylish, soccer-mom motif while the judges beg her to dress like a model. But they have bigger fish to fry. Elina’s stiffness is not subsiding and Sheena’s photos are nothing short of passport pictures.

In the End, McKey wins for her massive improvement and memorable, monstrous long legs and Sheena is sent home. The light-hearted model leaves, not like a hoochy, but like a lady. — Alyssa Shelasky

Tell us: Are you sad to see Sheena go? Who could win America’s Next Top Model?

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