Heidi Vows to Be Kind and Not Judge Others in '08

Photo: AP

Heidi Montag has a new outlook for the new year and she’s ready to put her engagement woes and her costar foes behind her.

The Hills star says “the past is the past” on her MySpace blog, urging her online friends to “move on from negative influences in their lives and be more positive.

At least that’s what she is going to do.

“I just hope everyone is starting 2008 with a fresh clean slate like I am. … I know at least I am going to try as hard as possible even when don’t deserve kindness… I am still going to give them kindness!” she writes, not mentioning how she and fianc Spencer Pratt fared over the holidays or addressing the hit reality show’s controversial re-shoots.

(But she does say on her profile that she’s looking to meet, “Hot guys because I’m single again.”)

Montag also gives her readers some other friendly advice: “People should try not to judge other in 2008!” But, if she practices what she preaches, it could make for less eyes on her Hills‘ activities next season!

Tell us: Do you think Heidi will keep her resolution to be kind and not judge others? Will you judge Heidi? –Kristin Boehm

Photo: AP

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