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Updated August 18, 2008 12:00 AM
Credit: Andy Fossum/Startraks

The Hills promises to pack plenty of drama as its fourth season begins Monday on MTV (10 p.m. ET). But as usual some of that drama is unspooling off camera–at least when it comes to the reality-couple–love-to-hate, namely Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

“I think that maybe Lauren is tired of being on the show, but we’re just beginning,” Montag told Ryan Seacrest during an interview Monday on his KIIS-FM radio show. “We’re not even remotely sick of it.”

Montag … and fianc Spencer Pratt … quickly shot down talk that the MTV reality soap opera would not continue for a fifth season. Pratt says that even if Hills star Lauren Conrad opts out of a new season, he and Montag would happily take over her narrator duties.

“Sometimes the narrator has to throw their hate up on the wall and pass the mic,” Pratt said, adding, “It’s my favorite show. I love it. The Hills season 10 is what I’m going for.” Not that the two aren’t staying busy with other projects.

Montag, who’s already released several singles, unveiled her latest electronic-pop offering on Seacrest’s show, “Overdosin’. “It’s about when you fall in love with someone,” Montag explained. “About how I feel about Spencer and my relationship.”

In the bubbly … and electronically-enhanced … song, Montag sings, “Don’t care what you put me through / I can’t get enough of you.”

Given the song’s autobiographical nature, Seacrest couldn’t help but press the two on their future plans … namely, if a wedding was in the cards … or at least fodder for a follow-up song.

Joked Montag: I’m waiting for the ring to make that song.” –Brian Orloff

Hear Montag’s new single – and the complete interview – here.

Andy Fossum/Startraks