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December 22, 2008 12:00 AM

Is a Heidi-Lauren reconciliation on the way on tonight’s season finale of The Hills?

Though Heidi Montag wouldn’t completely reveal details about the hug the former best friends share in the preview for the show, she hinted at a peace summit during her interview Monday on on KISS-FM’s On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

“Lauren and I have both had a lot that’s happened in our lives and I think that we’re older now. For me personally, I’ve missed her — that was my best friend and it’s hard when that’s taken out of your life,” she said of her long-simmering feud with Conrad. “I think for both of us we kind of just want some kind of closure in one way or another. It was really, really good to see her. It was definitely one of my best moments of this season.” Montag — who called in to the show with new husband Spencer Pratt — also insisted that quotes made by her mother, Darlene Egelhoff, about their marriage not lasting were “taken out of context.”

“She loves Spencer and she always says that she’s never seen anyone be treated as well as Spencer treats me. I think moms are just shocked at first because all moms would be but she’s really come around,” Montag said of their surprise elopement in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on Nov. 20.

In the interview with Seacrest, Pratt also shot down pregnancy rumors (“We definitely need a kid, ASAP,” he joked) and reports that the couple faked a civil ceremony at the Beverly Hills courthouse that airs on the season finale of The Hills. “We checked the confidentiality box, so good luck in finding out,” he said. — Serena Kappes

Jeff Lipsky/MTV(2)

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