Heidi Montag's 'Maxim' Moment: Hot or Not?

Photo: Naomi Kaltman

Heidi Montag strikes a seductive pose on the cover of Maxim‘s February issue, but The Hills star tells the lad mag she didn’t grow up glamorous — but rather with “humble beginnings.”

Meanwhile, she accuses former friend Lauren Conrad of growing up in a “spoiled Laguna world” and says, “She’s changed. Some go more Hollywood than others … I’ve heard from other that she’s a big diva now.”

Of their so-called reality show on MTV, Montag explains that it’s “22 minutes” that’s “edited for drama … It’s not like The Truman Show. They’re not with us all the time, although I wish they were, because it would be a way crazier show. Let’s see how Lauren would look then!”

But what Montag’s fans really want to know is, what’s going on with her engagement to Spencer Pratt?

“It’s on pause,” she admits. “It was causing us to fight, so we decided not to deal with it. I still have the ring. But I guess when we decide to resume the wedding, I’ll need a new ring.”

Montag also reveals the kinkiest thing she ever did for former fianc . “I tied him up the other night, like, ‘I’m going to tie you up, bad boy!’ But I was laughing so hard. I couldn’t take it seriously.” –Kristin Boehm

Tell us: Do you take Heidi seriously? Does she look hot on the cover of Maxim?

Naomi Kaltman

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