April 15, 2008 12:00 AM


She has a hit TV show, a burgeoning pop career and a brand new clothing line – is there anything Heidi Montag can’t do?

Well, yes.

The Hills star (who recently debuted her Heidiwood clothing line) showed off her slightly stilted rapping skills on Monday’s TRL. A sampling:

Yo, yo I got Heidiwood I’m wearing it all day I like it, so what do you got to say?

It may not be the makings of a platinum album, but Nelly, a fellow guest on the show, did give Montag an “A for effort.”

Montag also hopes she’ll be getting high marks for social responsibility.

The wannabe pop star, who previously announced she’s supporting Republican John McCain for president, promised she’ll finally get around to registering to vote.

“I’ve just been so busy and crazy filming and working on my album and working on my fashion show that I’ve hardly had any time,” she told MTV News. But this week, Montag vowed, she’s “definitely registering.”

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