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October 04, 2018 11:26 AM

After delaying the release of the Heathers TV show in February and pulling the reboot from its lineup altogether in June, Paramount Network is airing the show after all.

Paramount Network will stream nine episodes on Oct. 22 and will air two episodes per night starting on Oct. 25, Entertainment Weekly reported. On Oct. 29, Lip Sync Battle will drop an episode with Heathers stars Melanie Field and Brendan Scannell, according to Variety.

The network is not airing the tenth episode. “I am beyond excited that American audiences will finally get to see Heathers,” showrunner Jason Micallef told EW. “Obviously I wish fans could see the 10th episode but the producers and I felt strongly about not changing anything in it, and so, it’s been considered too controversial for U.S. audiences.”

He added, “Still, every day at this job is a delightful dream so it’s hard to complain. Plus, what matters most is fans will now get to see the satire we all love so much.”

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In the new preview, Heather McNamara’s parents try and fail to check on their daughter’s mental health.

“Heather, all I’m saying is that your father and I are very concerned,” her mother says. “If anyone has a reason to kill themselves, it’s you. Your best friend just died. Your remaining friends have turned on you. The teacher you were sleeping with was fired. And everyone knows that you lied about being a lesbian.”

“Heather, when you look at the whole picture … it’s almost like you have nothing to live for,” her mother continues. “So we just wanted to come in here and say we see you.”

The Heathers series is based on the cult-classic 1998 film starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater.

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Heathers was originally scheduled for a March debut but was delayed following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, in February, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In June, the network’s president of development and production Keith Cox announced plans to drop Heathers altogether.

At the time, Cox told The Hollywood Reporter, “This is a high school show, we’re blowing up the school, there are guns in the school, it’s a satire and there are moments of teachers having guns. It’s hitting on so many hot topics. This company can’t be speaking out of both sides of its mouth, saying the youth movement is important for us and we’ve done all these wonderful things to support that and at the same time, we’re putting on a show that we’re not comfortable with.”

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“We were going to air in March and hit pause and then had Santa Fe,” he noted, referring to the school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, in May. “We knew we were doing a very bold show that pushes boundaries. It’s a satire but it’s very bold. We knew that, and then this movement happened and we as a company applauded that movement. This was a very difficult decision.”

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