Heather Locklear checked into rehab earlier this month

By Natalie Stone and Michele Corriston
March 29, 2018 04:28 PM

Heather Locklear is still focused on her recovery almost a month after checking into rehab.

A source tells PEOPLE that the Melrose Place alum, 56, remains in the treatment facility she checked into earlier this month to help with her battle with addiction.

“She is still there and she hasn’t wanted to leave. She is planning on staying another month,” the source says. “Today, she is doing really well.”

Heather Locklear
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In early March, a friend of the actress told PEOPLE that she was “in treatment for addiction” and “everyone hopes she gets well, that she gets better.”

“Addiction is obviously a strong disease and as much as friends and family who love her and want her to get better and be happy, no one can do the work for her,” said the friend. “Hopefully she is getting the help she needs.”

After Locklear entered the treatment facility, PEOPLE confirmed with Ventura County District Attorney Tom Dunlevy that she had been banned from owning a firearm in the wake of her February arrest.

Heather LocklearPhoto: Ventura County Sheriff's Department
Credit: Ventura County Sheriff's Department

At the end of February, the actress was arrested on suspicion of felony domestic battery and three counts of battery on a police officer. Police later searched her home for a firearm that was allegedly registered in her name. Capt. Garo Kuredjian of Ventura County Sheriff’s Department said her alleged threats against deputies —she allegedly verbally threatened deputies, saying she would “shoot them if they ever came to her house again,” according to the Thousand Oaks Police Department — were what prompted the search to seize the firearm, which detectives did not find.

The actress will no longer face charges for allegedly hitting her boyfriend, Chris Heisser, in February, but she is still facing four counts of misdemeanor battery on a police officer and one charge of resisting or obstructing a police officer.

Locklear has struggled with substance abuse in the past, and this isn’t her first time in treatment. In March 2008, her doctor called 911 reporting that she was suicidal, and that June, she sought help for psychological issues.

“She didn’t go because she was forced,” a longtime associate told PEOPLE at the time. “There was no intervention. She went in on her own. She wanted to feel better and get to the bottom of what was troubling her.”

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Another friend said she “seemed out of it,” and some sources said her depression led her to abuse alcohol. Another pal said she had been taking prescription drugs for anxiety and depression.

Locklear left the Arizona facility after four weeks. But that September, the actress was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in California and was formally charged in November 2008 with driving under the influence of drugs. The misdemeanor charge filed by the DA’s office specified that the drugs in question were “prescription medications.” She completed a 30-day in-patient rehab program. However, in January 2009, the case was dismissed.

And in 2012, she was hospitalized after a 911 call was placed from her home, reportedly after she ingested a mixture of drugs and alcohol. After she was discharged, she went “under a doctor’s care” but did not head to in-patient rehab, a source told PEOPLE.