Harry Connick Jr. Says Vinyl Records Are Overrated

"They don't sound that good!" Connick says when asked why he doesn't listen to vinyl


You would think that a hardcore music aficionado like Harry Connick Jr. would be a major fan of the recent vinyl revival. You would be mistaken.

While speaking with PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly editorial director Jess Cagle for The Jess Cagle Interview, Connick admits that he finds vinyl records “overrated.”

“They don’t sound that good!” he says, before miming a scratchy disc.

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Cagle put Connick through “The Cagle Exercise”– a segment filled with probing fill-in-the-blank questions.

In addition to vinyl records, Connick, 49, not particularly enamored by rats. “I can’t stand rats. I really don’t like rats. Like, if I saw a rat I’d get the hell out of here. I’d sell my house if I found a rat there.” he says.

When asked what he was good at, the multi-talented performer paused before saying, “Entertaining.” When Cagle followed up by asking what he was bad at, his answer was the same: “Entertaining.”

“It depends on the night!” he laughs.

The self-deprecating host of Harry – his new daytime entertainment program – didn’t hesitate when asked what his last meal would be. “I would have to eat gumbo with my family.” Spoken like a true New Orleans native!

If you want to know which movie he’s seen the most times, which song that always makes him dance or many other fun facts, watch the clip above!

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