The Bachelor's Hannah Godwin Reveals the Rare Item That Dylan Barbour Wants at Their Wedding

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour got engaged in June 2019

As Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour plan their wedding, there’s only one item the groom has requested for the celebration: an ice luge.

“He really just wants a little ice luge. He'll be good to go as long as I'm there, his friends and family are there and then an ice luge,” Godwin, 25, told PEOPLE, laughing. “So he's pretty easygoing.”

The reality star was a contestant on season 23 of The Bachelor, starring Colton Underwood, before appearing on season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise last year. Godwin and Barbour, 26, fell in love throughout the season in Mexico and got engaged in a televised beachfront proposal.

The coronavirus pandemic has slowed down their wedding planning “just a little bit,” Godwin said, but the extra down time has allowed the couple to gather information and share ideas.

Hannah Godwin
Hannah Godwin/ Instagram

“We’re just enjoying the engaged life right now,” she added. “And once things start opening again and we get a better idea of the future, we'll hop back into planning. We do have some planners and we do have some fun ideas that we're tossing around.”

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The one thing they’re pretty sure on, however, is that the wedding will take place somewhere “near the West Coast,” Godwin said. The couple are currently preparing to move in together in San Diego, where they have been quarantining during the pandemic.

“Living together and actually being roommates really taught us a lot about how we operate,” Godwin said, adding that their time in quarantine has been “really really great.”

Hannah Godwin. RumHaven

“He's just extremely supportive and he's continued to be even more so a year in,” she continued. “We definitely just have each other's backs and we have a really good friendship base, which is huge for me, especially since we've literally been all in each other's grill during quarantine.”

In addition to the ice luge at the wedding, Godwin said the couple will likely feature a cocktail from liquor brand RumHaven, which she has recently partnered with.

“We've definitely talked about some fun cocktails, but I feel like that one might make an appearance,” she said.

As for the rest of the details for the upcoming nuptials, “you guys will just have to see,” Godwin added.

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