Hannah Brown Says She Is 'Really Thankful' for Demi Lovato's 'Support Through Everything'

Demi Lovato and former Bachelor contestant, Demi Burnett, came to cheer Hannah Brown on during Monday's taping of Dancing with the Stars

Hannah Brown was very grateful to have a certain audience member cheer her on during Monday’s Dancing with the Stars taping — her newfound friend, Demi Lovato.

While the unlikely duo haven’t been friends for very long, the reality star and DWTS contestant, 25, said she already thinks of Lovato, 27, as a person of guidance in her life.

“She’s so great. I’m just really thankful for her support through everything,” Brown exclusively told PEOPLE, following the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer’s appearance at the taping of the ABC dancing competition with former Bachelor contestant, Demi Burnett.

“She is always there for, ‘Hey, do you just want to come over and just hang out?’ ” Brown continued. “That’s what I need right now; just a friend that is supportive of and understanding of what like this new life has been. She knows it on a much bigger level than I do, but she doesn’t care about that. She needs friends just like we all do, and I need friends just like everyone does, and so it’s great to have somebody who can be a guidance of this new life and then just somebody who’s so loving and different.”

The Bachelorette star went on to add that Lovato has been a constant sense of “love and support and care,” “regardless of what [I’m] doing on a stage or in any type of entertainment business.”

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Demi Lovato/Instagram

Brown and Lovato became fast friends after the pop star expressed how “cute” she found the pageant queen early on in the Bachelor season.

“I’ve never watched the Bachelorette or the Bachelor but she is soooo cute!!” Lovato said on her Instagram Story back in May.

Later, Brown caught wind of the compliment, gushing on Twitter: “Me every day for the rest of my life: Demi Lovato called me cute!”

Lovato documented the DTWS taping from her seat Monday, continuing to gush over Brown on her Instagram Stories.

“I had so much fun supporting @hannahbrown tonight at @dancingabc,” she wrote over a photo of Brown and her dancing parter, Alan Bersten. “Y’all vote for my girl every week!!!”

<a href="https://people.com/tag/demi-lovato/" data-inlink="true">Demi Lovato</a>
Demi Lovato/Instagram
<a href="https://people.com/tag/demi-lovato/" data-inlink="true">Demi Lovato</a>
Demi Lovato/Instagram

Elsewhere during her chat with PEOPLE, Brown also shared that she has bonded with Lovato’s friends as well.

“I’ve seen her group of friends that just have been so great and kind to her and her allowing me in to meet them and realizing that it’s really all about that group of people that love you no matter what and are going to support you,” Brown said.

“I’m thankful that I have that here now, and that I have my friends that actually got to come tonight to support me back home and being able to just feel loved even in this crazy new life where everything can feel so overwhelming that to keep yourself grounded with people who love you for you,” she continued.

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Demi Lovato/Instagram

As the two remain close, however, Brown admitted she will not be getting involved in the singer’s rumored relationship with Bachelor In Paradise star, Mike Johnson.

“I am friends with Mike and I am friends with Demi and I have, whatever they choose to do, that is their thing,” Brown told PEOPLE of the supposed couple.

“Look, I am used to people, people having opinions about if I have a relationship or if I don’t and so I do not talk where I don’t need to, so really just excited for her future.”

Recently, Johnson, 31, was a recent guest on iHeart Radio’s Almost Famous podcast, hosted by Bachelor Nation stars Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti, where he revealed that not only have he and the “Daddy Issues” singer been going on dates — but they’ve also kissed.

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