Hannah Brown Throws Shade at Victoria Fuller After She Says 'It's Annoying to Be Around Me'

"Well, you said it..." the former Bachelorette said after hearing Victoria Fuller's remark

Hannah Brown threw some subtle shade at Victoria Fuller while she was watching Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor.

The former Bachelorette was talking to fans on her Instagram Stories on Monday night when Fuller could be heard in the background saying, “it’s annoying to be around me.”

To which Brown said, “Well, you said it…”

“I’m not purposely posting these when there is something ridiculous being said in the background… it’s just happening,” Brown wrote over the video.

Fuller was part of the dramatic three-on-one date that also included Hannah Ann Sluss and Kelley Flanagan. While the Virginia Beach native was awarded a rose and will be moving on to hometown dates, she and Peter Weber had a tough conversation during their time together.

“Every single time we’re together, I feel like you’re always in a mood,” Fuller told the Bachelor. “And it’s extremely frustrating because I just don’t know how to move forward if this keeps happening.”

Hannah Brown, Victoria F
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In response, Weber answered, “I’m not in a mood, but I do feel like you have given me reasons to doubt [us]. I’ve tried my best to move past those … but I feel like you always push me away.”

Fuller tearfully told him, “I think I just don’t want to get to the end and then lose you. So it’s easier to just not have you in the first place.”

Fuller was not one of the contestants who met Brown during her appearance on the season’s second group date, during which she and Weber had an emotional conversation about their breakup on the pageant queen’s season of The Bachelorette.

Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown/Instagram

Nonetheless, Fuller has been embroiled in much of the drama featured on this season of The Bachelor. During her first one-on-one date with Weber, she revealed that she previously dated country singer Chase Rice — who awkwardly serenaded the pair in Ohio.

And while the medical sales rep was originally going to be featured on a digital cover for Cosmo after winning the group date in Costa Rica, the cover was pulled after images surfaced of her wearing clothing for a marine conservation campaign that read “White Lives Matter.”

Eric McCandless/ABC

“I definitely see how this could be offensive. I apologize immensely it was never my intention to lessen this matter,” Fuller wrote on a Bachelor Clues Instagram post after previously writing, “It would be nice for you to gather all facts before jumping to bash someone. The company ‘We Love Marlins’ is in support of catching white, blue, and black marlins & releasing them back into the wild. In regards to a sensitive topic, I come from a VERY large fishing town where Marlin tournaments are held every year! Glad to clear this up….”


“I in no way support that kind of campaign,” Weber told PEOPLE last week, saying he was learning about Fuller’s involvement in “real time just like everybody else is.”

“I didn’t know anything about it during the time that Victoria and I were on the show together,” the pilot continued. “I think it’s important to let Victoria make a comment to the public and make some type of response. It has a lot more to do with her than myself. I don’t want to speak on her behalf.”

“My only problem is that I would never support any campaign like that,” Weber added.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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