Hannah Brown Reflects on Her Mental Health After Watching Oprah and Prince Harry's Docuseries

"It's just really powerful," Hannah Brown said of Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry's new Apple TV+ mental health docuseries The Me You Can't See

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Hannah Brown is reflecting on her mental health, thanks to Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry.

On Friday, The Bachelorette alum opened up about watching the pair's new docuseries The Me You Can't See on her Instagram Story. "Prince Harry and Oprah guide the conversation so well, and the people who they interview just make you feel so seen and heard if you struggle with any kind of depression, anxiety, mental illness of any kind," Brown said.

The five-episode series, which premiered Friday on Apple TV+, features discussions on mental health guided by Winfrey and Harry, who also open up about their own mental health journeys.

"It's just really powerful," Brown said of the series. "Honestly, it made me feel a little emotional because I could feel all the feelings from it, because I understood so much. But I thought it'd be great for anyone who sometimes has a hard time expressing what it's like. They do a wonderful job explaining it."

Brown added, "So, if you have a family, friend, loved one that just can't understand, this would be a great resource for them to check it out, and for you to check out yourself, to not feel so alone."

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"It's not easy living with depression & anxiety or any mental illness, but conversations like these are so impactful to help us all feel not so alone on our mental health journey," she wrote on one of the Instagram Story clips.

Recently, the reality star took part in Kenneth Cole's Mental Health Coalition 1-2-1 on Instagram TV Series and spoke about her mental health struggles. "This past year I really had to go on a journey of unpacking [her past years of being on TV]," she said. "I've had to learn what boundaries are. What serves me, what doesn't serve me. What values are important to me and what is the type of love that I think I deserve and that I am receiving. How to have those things align. And how to break down limiting beliefs that I've had about myself for so long. Or the thousands of people who have opinions about me, say about me. Really asking myself if that's true or not, or if I'm playing into that role. That's something that I've been really in the process of understanding of who I am."

Brown previously opened up about her mental health last October for World Mental Health Day. "Admitting I wasn't okay, and acknowledging my silent, hostage struggle with anxiety and depression through my crocodile tears was a pivotal day for me," she wrote at the time.

"I have made big leaps of progress in healing and understanding 'it's okay not to be okay,' with important tools and support to help manage the thoughts and feelings that take over and store within me," the Dancing with the Stars champion shared.

The Me You Can't See
The Me You Can't See promo. Courtesy of Apple

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Brown most recently revealed that she's struggled with body dysmorphia, which was exacerbated by her pageant career. "I was so scared of gaining the weight," Brown said on her YouTube channel in February.

"I definitely think I struggled with an eating disorder. I had disordered eating, that is for sure," she said. "I would work out in the mornings with a trainer and I was so small and had no energy that I couldn't even really do the workouts that I used to do."

In the series, the Duke of Sussex reveals the emotional pain left by his mother Princess Diana's death and how therapy has helped him. "That was the start of a learning journey for me," he said. "I became aware that I'd been living in a bubble, within this family, within this institution, I was, sort of, almost trapped in a thought process or a mindset."

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