'Bachelorette' 's Hannah Brown Breaks Down 'That' Awkward Moment When Jed Walked In on Her and Luke P.

The reality star was a guest on Wednesday's episode of PeopleTV's Reality Check

Bachelorette‘s Hannah Brown was having her own “mini-freak out” when Jed Wyatt walked in on herself and Luke Parker, who just so happened to be shirtless and about to give her a massage, during the cocktail party in Monday night’s episode.

“I was so impressed with Jed, because I was having my own mini-freak out,” Brown, 24, said on Wednesday’s episode of PeopleTV’s new show Reality Check, a daily, half-hour studio series recapping the biggest stories and best moments from last night’s most popular reality TV shows.

“Because here I am with one guy that I am really attracted to, and then one of the other guys I have a crush on – it’s seeing all this, and it’s just like, ‘what do I do in this moment?'” Brown said. “And so I was honestly dreading going to talk to Jed, and I was just going to fall on the sword and say ‘I’m so sorry.'”

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But the Miss Alabama winner said that Wyatt’s response to the awkward moment surprised her – in a good way.

“I mean, he could’ve gone in there and had a whole confrontation with Luke, and he just let it all just settle and was trying to make me feel better,” Brown continued. “He handled that like a champ.”

Hannah Brown Luke P.
John Fleenor/ABC

“It was really attractive to see how he could handle situations that are sometimes uncomfortable,” she added. “It’s something you look for in a guy when you’re looking for a future life partner. So that was definitely something that kind of definitely piqued my interest in Jed.”

Brown also hinted at what’s to come in the rest of her season, which she said could be one of the most dramatic seasons of The Bachelorette ever.

“I think this could be up there as one of the most dramatic seasons ever. I think because I’m dramatic,” Brown said with a laugh. “I don’t hold anything back, I tell it like it is, and then my guys, it’s so great, but they were passionate about having a relationship with me, and sometimes that meant that they had man drama going on. And there was a lot of confrontations going on between the men, and that was really affecting my relationships too.”

Jed Wyatt The Bachelorette Hannah Brown
Ed Herrera/ABC

“There was just… a lot that you will see,” she teased.

Before the awkward encounter during the cocktail party, Parker professed his love for Brown, a move that shocked his fellow suitors given the short time they had known Brown at that point.

“It is not a secret that Luke and I had a very strong connection right off the bat,” Brown told host Reality Check host Lyndsey Rodrigues, adding that their early chemistry “was a little surprising to me as well.”

“I was a little smitten by him, so hearing that he had feelings for me was nice, but also it was a little bit awkward for me to hear that in front of a live audience and all the other guys that were also pursuing me,” she said. “So yeah, it was a little different, but I mean, it’s nice to know that there was a guy that was already having feelings for me, I guess.”

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