'The Bachelor' 's Hannah Ann Sluss Says She'd Want to Date Tyler Cameron — and May Be on 'Paradise' !

"I don't regret loving Peter, I regret trusting him," Hannah Ann Sluss admitted to guest host Sean Hayes

Hannah Ann Sluss is not afraid to be candid about her current feelings toward Peter Weber in a new interview after Tuesday night’s dramatic season finale of The Bachelor.

On Wednesday, the 23-year-old model sat down with guest host Sean Hayes on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for a candid game of “Hannah Ann-swers,” where Sluss dished on her ex-fiancé and her current relationship status.

Since wrapping the reality show, Sluss revealed that she is single and “ready to mingle,” as the talk show audience erupted in applause.

During the two-episode conclusion of The Bachelor Tuesday, viewers saw Weber propose to Sluss, but his lingering feelings for his other finalist, Madison Prewett, resulted in Sluss ending the engagement.

When Hayes, 49, asked Sluss additional questions about her time with Weber, 28, the model wasn’t afraid to be honest in her responses.

“Is Peter a good kisser?” Hayes questioned.

Shaking her head, Sluss mumbled, “Hm, I don’t know with that one.”

“Do you regret anything from this experience?” the guest host went on to ask.

“I don’t regret loving Peter, I regret trusting him,” Sluss admitted.

Hannah Ann Sluss
Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Weber. Hannah Ann Sluss/Instagram

As for potentially dating a different Bachelor star?

Sluss was quick to respond, sharing who she’d choose: “I think this is the easiest question. [Former Bachelorette contestant] Tyler Cameron.”

While the reality star is done with The Bachelor, she teased a possible appearance on Bachelor in Paradise.

“There might be a bikini waiting for me, I don’t know,” she told Hayes.

But for now, as Sluss shared in an Instagram post, she is “Flyin’ solo.”

After Tuesday’s finale, Sluss spoke out for the first time on social media. Her photo referenced Weber’s career as a pilot, with Sluss dressed up in a brown leather aviator jacket and gloves while holding a pair of aviator goggles.

“Flyin’ solo… no turbulence accepted,” the model captioned the post, adding, “PERIOD.”

On Tuesday night, Sluss had also appeared on the live After the Final Rose special to confront Weber.

The Bachelor
ABC/John Fleenor

“I knew things were definitely off between us, but walking into and hearing that you couldn’t give me your full heart, that was very blindsiding to me,” Sluss, who hails from Knoxville, Tennessee, said. “You knew what to tell me to keep me with you. One of the most important things was that letting me walk away would be the biggest regret of your life. Words are powerful, Peter. Either you don’t mean what you say or you don’t understand the weight of your words and how they impact people. So which one is it?”

“Word of advice, if you want to be with a woman, you need to become a real man,” she concluded.

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