The Etsy shop, Craftily Creative, has a number of Halloweentown-themed items for purchase

By Eric Todisco
October 17, 2019 01:53 PM
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Credit: Araya Diaz/Getty

Halloweentown star Kimberly J. Brown is going all-out for the haunting holiday this year.

The actress, who is best know for playing teen witch Marnie Piper in the classic Disney Channel films, has created an Etsy shop called Craftily Creative that features a wide variety of items, including (no surprise here) plenty of Halloweentown-themed wares.

“I started the shop about 5 years ago with my good friend Liz because we loved crafting together on the weekends and thought we’d share some of our projects,” Brown, 34, told Bustle.

While the shop initially began with gift tags, greeting cards and custom paintings, Brown said that she began to incorporate Halloweentown once people requested quotes from the films, starting with a shirt that reads, “Being normal is vastly overrated.”

The iconic line, originally said by the late Debbie Reynolds‘ character Grandma Aggie, was turned into a graphic t-shirt, and from there, Brown got the ball rolling.

“We’d listen to feedback from fans about what they’d like to see for new designs and incorporated some other fun ones,” she said.

Credit: Singer White/Ventura Valley Film/Kobal/Shutterstock

According to its website, Craftily Creative currently has 35 items available for purchase, with many featuring Halloweentown quotes and puns. The store also introduced the “Halloween is cool” graphic tee, which Brown predicts to be a big hit this spooky season.

“It was probably our number #1 suggested design over the past year,” Brown said. “People come up on the street and have me say it to them because they love it from the first Halloweentown film.”

Credit: Everett

As Craftily Creative continues to grow more popular, the actress said that the positive reception from the fans as been one of the best parts of the business.

“Now we get suggestions all the time and the sweetest notes from fans thanking us for making our stuff and telling us what the movies mean to them.” Brown continued. “I have really loved getting to create with the fans over the years in our shared love for the movies. It’s also a way for me to kind of pay homage to the fans and these films that have meant so much to me and another avenue for me to keep creating when I’m not filming and working so we’ll keep creating as long as the fans will have us.”

Last October, the actress spoke to PEOPLE at Oregon’s Spirit of Halloweentown event about her relationship with Reynolds, who died in 2016 at age 84.

“We would hang out in Los Angeles,” Brown said. “She had such a spark of fun energy, and she loved signing and making people laugh. She never wanted to stop doing it. She really showed me what a gift it was to be in that position to make people happy. She was such a warm, sparkly person.”

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Brown added that she will never forget how the award-winning actress kept the magic alive even when the cameras weren’t rolling.

“She was always wanting to have a good time and she loved keeping that fun, whimsical energy on the set,” the Maryland native recalled. “She was always wanting to have a good time and she loved keeping that fun, whimsical energy. She embraced every ounce of that grandmotherly type figure with a fun streak.”