Grab a glass of eggnog or mulled wine and settle into the couch for one of Hallmark's 37 new original holiday movies this year
Christmas Joy Final Photo Assets
Credit: Eike Schroter

Hallmark Christmas movies have become an essential part of the holiday season. With 37 new films this year, which started airing on Oct. 27 (yes, before Halloween!), viewers have plenty of opportunities to share in the heartwarming Christmas magic that each movie offers.

Whether it’s a small-town business owner finding love while stranded during her December travels, or a New York City lawyer returning home for the holidays and rekindling a relationship with an old flame, Hallmark’s made-for-TV Christmas movies always pair holiday traditions (hot chocolate! ice staking! tree lightings!) with quintessential romantic comedy tropes (enemies turned lovers, falling for a high school sweetheart, kisses under the mistletoe).

Since many of the films share similar themes, PEOPLE has created a drinking game that lends itself perfectly to winter nights curled up on the couch, sipping eggnog or mulled wine, with a festive Hallmark movie on the TV.

Feel free to also apply the rules to Lifetime’s Christmas slate, Netflix’s holiday originals (A Christmas Prince 2!) and UPtv’s merry and bright programming. Get creative, but don’t land yourself on the naughty list!

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Take a drink if…

  • The camera pans over the New York City or Los Angeles skyline.
  • The lead actress’ character is named Eve, Holly, Joy or Noel. Two sips if her last name is Claus or Kringle.
  • The main character works as a journalist, baker or corporate businesswoman. Two sips if any of those are a family business. Three sips if that company is being threatened in any way by a large corporation.
  • The leading lady is heading to a small town on assignment during the holidays. Two sips if it’s her hometown. Take a shot if she’s also up for promotion. (This project will make or break her career!)
  • The star has a Grinch-like boss who “Doesn’t get the holidays.”
  • A character has a dead parent. Drink whenever the late parent is mentioned.

    Brooke Burns and Tom Everett Scott in Christmas Connection.

  • The protagonist is reminded of how much they used to love the holidays as a kid.
  • The leading lady is dating a businessman who spends more time on his phone than with her.
    Two sips if they’re engaged. Take a sip everytime she wonders if she’s in the right relationship.
  • Someone enters a baking competition. Drink whenever the competition is mentioned in conversation.
  • Anyone goes holiday shopping or ice skating, drinks hot chocolate, bakes Christmas cookies, takes a sleigh ride or sings a Christmas carol (one sip every time any of those actions occurs).

    David Alpay and Alicia Witt in The Mistletoe Inn.

  • Someone goes shopping for a Christmas tree. Take another sip if they also decorate it.
  • Anyone attends a Christmas lighting, festival or concert. Drink anytime any of the three events are mentioned. Take a shot if there is a last-minute change to any of the plans.
  • Royalty is involved.
  • The leading lady squabbles with a man she will clearly fall for in the end.
  • A couple slow dances. Two sips if they dance to a Christmas song.

    Brooke D’Orsay and Marc Blucas in Miss Christmas.

  • There’s an almost-first kiss. Take a shot when the first kiss finally happens. Finish your drink if the kiss happens in the snow.
  • There’s a holiday wedding or engagement (drink once for each).
  • Someone goes on a winter getaway. Two sips if they get stranded during their holiday trip.
  • Santa is disguised as a common person.

    Hallmark’s With Love, Christmas.

  • Anyone suggests New Year’s Eve plans.
  • The star ends up moving back to their hometown.
  • The small business defeats corporate greed, finish your drink.
  • The leading lady reconnects with a former boyfriend. Finish your drink if she leaves her businessman boyfriend/fiancé for him or a man she met during her holiday travels.