Gwyneth Paltrow Is Developing a New Netflix Series About Her Lifestyle Brand Goop

The show will tackle women's health issues

Gwyneth Paltrow is returning to television.

The actress is teaming up with Netflix to create a docuseries about her lifestyle and wellness brand Goop, according to Variety.

The untitled series will follow Paltrow, the website’s editors and chief content officer Elise Loehnen as they call on experts to tackle subjects around women’s physical, mental and spiritual health.

“We were speaking to the platform question, and where our people are. They’re watching Netflix. Some of the more strategic, bigger stories we want to tell require a TV budget. Obviously, there’s no better partner in that,” Loehnen told Variety.

“Gwyneth is a highly visual, tactile person. The quality of everything that we produce is very important to her,” Loehnen said. “She’s always looking for white space. Whether it’s developing physical products or thinking of content. With this show, I think she’s only really interested in opportunities where we can uniquely be ourselves and do things potentially disruptive.”

Gwyneth Paltrow and Elizabeth Saltzman Toast Goops's 10th Anniversary and the Launch of the Goop London Pop-Up
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The series will premiere next fall.

Paltrow, 46, recently opened up about her growing wellness empire, saying her interest in finding little-known health practices started when her dad, director Bruce Paltrow, was diagnosed with throat cancer in 1998.

“He’s the reason I got into this whole thing,” she told WSJ Magazine. “I just remember the surgery was so brutal, and then I thought, Wow. What else can we do?”

The experience drove Paltrow into the wellness sphere.

“That was the beginning of people thinking I was a crackpot. Like, ‘What do you mean food can affect your health, you f—ing psycho?’ ” she said.

But Paltrow said she isn’t concerned with any haters.

“We’re trailblazers,” she said. “We’re going to write about s— that people haven’t heard of … I’m so happy to suffer those slings and arrows, because if you look at the culture from then to now, people are so curious. It’s so beautiful to see people feeling empowered by natural solutions or ancient modalities alongside science and medicine.”

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