Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Sex on 'Glee'

Sultry substitute Holly Holiday returns to McKinley High

Photo: Adam Rose/FOX

Gwyneth Paltrow returned to Glee as sultry substitute teacher Holly Holiday on Wednesday – and it was hard not to laugh at her candid approach to sex education.

Case in point: When uptight Emma asks Holly why celibacy isn’t a valid option for teens, Holly replies, “I just don’t think it’s that realistic. It’s like saying vegetarianism is an option for lions.”

After leading a “health and wellness jazzercise class,” Holly promises a smitten Mr. Schuester that she’ll “slip in a little lesson about how to avoid STDs” while the glee clubbers think they’re prepping for regionals.

For her lesson, Holly performs “Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)” in leather pants and an easily unbuttoned jacket alongside Santana and Brittany.

Holly certainly has all the kids (and their teachers) thinking about sex and its consequences, when things start to heat up between the substitute and Mr. Schuester, who perform a tango together to Prince’s “Kiss” – which they do!

In a tamer lesson, Holly sings “Landslide” and plays the guitar, inspiring Santana to share her feelings with Brittany. It’s another example of how Holly’s lessons are learned in different ways for the students (even Blaine, Kurt and Kurt’s dad get in on the sex-ed action), before Glee‘s glamorous substitute teacher decides to leave McKinley and go to “Shawnee Township to teach algebra.”

“I really don’t want to say goodbye,” Mr. Schuester tells her.

“Maybe we shouldn’t,” Holly says. “I know a lot about sex, Will, but maybe it’s time I learned a little something about romance.”

And with that, Will sweeps Holly off her feet, says, “I don’t know if you’ve heard but I happen to be an excellent educator,” and they kiss again!

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