September 28, 2007 12:00 AM

Like Meatloaf said, two out of three ain’t bad. In this case, we’re talking cliffhangers–the Grey’s Anatomy season premiere resolved two out of three from last spring’s season finale.

About the Derek/Meredith breakup: They kinda did, and though it took almost all of last night’s episode for them to really connect, a big makeup kiss led to even steamier making up. The road ahead isn’t likely to be a totally smooth one for Der and Mer–Meredith’s half-sister Lexie seems destined to stir up some half-sibling rivalry over McDreamy–but they’re back together. For now. Other Seattle Grace couples weren’t so lucky. Though it was no secret that the Cristina/Burke canceled-wedding cliffhanger was going to end with Burke MIA after Isaiah Washington‘s exit from the show, the way Burke left remained a mystery. And it proved to be anticlimactic, as McDreamy delivered the news to a surprised Cristina that Burke resigned while she and Meredith took the ill-fated couple’s honeymoon trip.

Cristina was sad (though she did her steely best to hide it), and relieved, though the previews for next week’s episode suggest the relief will be short-lived … Mama Burke’s coming back to collect her baby boy’s stuff.

As for that other big cliffhanger, the Izzie/George/Callie triangle, a bit of resolution just led to another cliffhanger. Caught up in guilt and self-pity over having to repeat his internship, the G-man had avoided Izzie after she told him she loved him. But the premiere ended with George showing up at Izzie’s door and dropping a little bombshell: He loves her, too! Where does this leave Callie? On the receiving end of heartbreak, as previews for next week also showed George deciding to tell her he’s love with Izzie.

Thankfully, not everything was sooo serious. Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes has said that the show will lighten up this season, going a little less heavy on the characters’ whining and getting back to the smart, sexy, playful and full-of-heart drama that became such a breakout hit in its first season.

On that front, the episode’s most cheeky moment: McSteamy, making yet another effort to revive his friendship with McDreamy, telling his former BFF that he didn’t move to Seattle for Addison. He moved to Seattle for a reunion with Derek. “I know, I wanna take it back, but I already said it,” Mark joked after realizing how, well, romantic his pitch seemed. It was a clever little jab at the show’s history of overly dramatic declarations, and the possibility of a McSteamy/McDreamy friendship is a fun one.–Kimberly Potts

But tell us: What did you love and/or hate about the season premiere?

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