'Grey's' Recap: Yang Convinces Izzie to Fight for Life

Sometimes, even surgeons need a little help from their friends as we learned on Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy when Yang took matters into her own hands and told the other doctors about Izzie‘s condition. Derek also got visits from friends trying to bring him down from the ledge.

Face Off: It was Sloan‘s turn to shine as he was performing face transplant surgery on a man who was hit by a drunk driver and left with no nose or lips. Sloan sent Alex with Hunt to recover the donor face and chose Lexie and Izzie to work with the patient. The other interns assumed it was because Lexie was good in bed and made that known at every step of the way until she grabbed Sloan, locked lips publicly and declared, “They think you’re taking advantage of me and that I’m using you. They think we’re ugly but we’re beautiful. We can adapt to a hostile environment.” Sloan seemed thrilled that it was all out and that she wasn’t going to let them ruin a good thing.

Under Pressure: Bailey gave Yang her first solo surgery but Yang was preoccupied with Izzie’s condition and had pulled strings to get her an appointment with the best oncologist. She begged Izzie to tell the others, but she refused and blew off the hard-to-book appointment. Then she said she was considering foregoing treatment altogether because she didn’t want, “to be a piece of meat,” and because the surgery would most likely fail. Yang held it in until she realized she could not proceed with her solo until she cleared her conscience and blurted out her diagnosis to Bailey and Alex, telling them, “She’s resisting treatment and needs help.” She informed Izzie that she had told and explained, “Sometimes we win and I want you to fight.” Izzie, who had seen the successful results of the face transplant, had already changed her mind and consented to fighting and slipped into a hospital gown.

Trailer Trashed: Derek was still M.I.A. and the Chief was a mess because of it. Bailey bullied Torres into going to his trailer to wrangle the depressed doc back to the office, but instead of making him feel better with her own sad story, she joined his beer-soaked pity party. When she didn’t return, Bailey sent Hunt to collect them both. Der accused him of being dead inside and he became another drinking buddy. Finally, the Chief came out and tried all of the arguments again and added the one about there being nothing they can do to stop death. Der confronted him about telling Mer about the ring. “You destroyed me,” he screamed. The Chief would not cower. “I sent the woman who loves you here to bring you back to life. If you ruin it with her, that’s on you.” Later, Mer showed up at the Airstream with Izzie’s scans. He asked if she’d love him if he wasn’t a surgeon. “No, because Izzie has cancer and you’re one of about 20 who can save her,” she said. “I don’t know if I could respect somebody who could walk away from a gift like that.” — Carrie Bell

Tell us: Do you think Der will get it together in time to save Izzie? Did Yang do the right thing when she told Izzie’s secret?Randy Holmes/ABC(2)

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