By People Staff
Updated November 13, 2009 12:00 AM
Credit: Gale Adler/ABC; Ron Tom/ABC

This week at Seattle Grace everything old was new again. Meredith returned to work. Izzie came back and Alex was frustrated by her actions. Hunt welcomed someone from his past which, in turn, resulted in Yang picking up her old hobby of scaring off cardiologists. The Chief‘s wife suspected him of cheating again. Throw in Bailey‘s trademark stern commands and hilarious quips and viewers had themselves an OMG-worthy episode. –Carrie Bell

Gotcha: The sneaky promo department slipped the Izzie pregnancy bomb into last week’s preview to get everyone excited, but the scene in question actually revolved around Izzie’s former teacher whose dementia made him think she was still in high school (and thus knocked up). Did you fall for it?

Communication Breakdown: Izzie stuck around to see the case through even though Percy, the Mercy Wester she blames for her firing, was on McDreamy‘s rotation. She was classic Izzie, making demands and threats in order to get someone special in her life special treatment. Alex avoided his runaway bride until Mer made him realize he needed to communicate with her so she could explain her recent flight. Easier said than done. Izzie also blamed him for losing her job. “This job was the one thing I had left,” she said. “You went behind my back, interfered and took that away. I cannot forgive you for this.” He fired back: “I’m your husband and you didn’t give me the benefit of the doubt. I can’t forgive you either.”

Crush Time: Jackson tried to talk to Yang about the kiss and she told him, “Never gonna happen.” But his suggestive comments and puppy dog eyes didn’t stop. Foreshadowing? Meanwhile, Hunt convinced a fellow war surgeon, Teddy Altman, to give the hospital a whirl in order to deliver a cardio god to his gal Yang. She was not impressed by “Desert Storm Barbie” and tried to prove her war-zone methods outdated. When an asthma case got complicated, Altman allowed Yang to assist. Yang then sang a different tune, but it may have been too late. Altman planted a seed for a potential breakup by explaining that she thought she would be next in line if Hunt ever broken off his engagement.

Off the Wagon: The Chief’s wife showed up hurling accusations of affairs, including at Bailey, because her husband hadn’t been coming home at night. Laughing at the thought, Bailey found him snoozing and hurried him into surgery where he made a serious mistake. Bailey bailed him out of that too. He asked Bailey to take over his surgeries because he had too much going on with the merger and “can’t afford another mistake.” Sadly, viewers learned he’d fallen off the wagon when he was sucking back “club sodas,” had his keys requested by Joe and a flashback montage showed his descent back into alcoholism.

Tell us: What’s going to happen with Alex and Izzie? Do you hope Yang and Hunt stick together or are you intrigued by their potential new love interests? Did you see the Chief’s addiction coming?Gale Adler/ABC; Ron Tom/ABC