By People Staff
February 05, 2010 12:00 AM
Ron Tom/ABC

YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME: To call it a “hostile takeover” is putting Derek‘s first day as the interim chief mildly, as most of Seattle Grace’s doctors, unaware of Richard‘s alcoholism, assumed McDreamy backstabbed the former chief. Richard stewed all day over the choice between early retirement and rehab. Meredith tried to guilt him into rehab. “If my mother were here,” she said, “she’ s kick your ass for even considering quitting.” But it was Bailey who came to the rescue of her old mentor and got him to sign on to rehab. When he admitted he felt like drinking was all he had left, she reasoned, “Be the man I’ve always known you to be. Be the chief.” She also dispensed wise words to Derek on winning over the staff. His second speech about honoring Richard’s legacy instead of undoing it went over much better. However, in the previous episode he promised Meredith that the first thing he’d do as the boss was reinstate Izzie, which wasn’t even mentioned this week. Makes one wonder whether she’ll be back anytime soon.

THREE’ S A CROWD: Things were still awkward thanks to Yang‘s offer to give Hunt to Teddy if she’d stay on as her cardio god. Teddy took Yang off her rounds giving her time to hook up with Hunt all over the hospital. (The night’s most amusing moment came when Yang became the butt of the joke after burning her rear in the vent room. Alex quipped: “Hot cross buns!”) When a hardcore heart emergency occurred, Teddy paged Yang because she needed the best help she could get, but Hunt convinced Yang to stay with him. Teddy ripped her when she was done and saw through Hunt’s cover-up. Later Hunt explained that he was trying to love her and needed more from her. Yang yelled, “You were trying to screw me into submission and I let you because your ego was hurt.” She explained what went wrong with Burke and compared it to what had happened with Teddy. “I love you more than Burke and that scares me,” she said. “When you asked me to ignore Teddy’s page, you took a piece of me. That will never happen again”

BAILEY’S NEW GUY: When a patient woke up mid-surgery, she was so traumatized by Bailey’s loud reaction that she wouldn’t let her touch her again and was threatening to sue. Bailey freaked and blamed the hot new anesthesiologist. “We expect to be able to trust the gas man to do his job so that we can do ours,” she said. When he discovered that the woman metabolized the drugs faster than average, which no one could have known, he said he didn’t need Bailey to get on her knees but he did want a heartfelt apology. He’s a charmer and able to keep up with her snappy barbs. Let’s hope Bailey sees some (preferably shirtless) action.

FORGIVE OR FORGET: Mark was giving Lexie the immature silent treatment. She huffed, cried, complained and even sought advice from Torres, who accidentally let slip that he slept with Addison. Torres tried to talk sense into him, pointing out the hypocritical element of his argument. But he continued to freeze Lex out even when they were stuck on the same elevator because she broke up with him and wasn’t ready to take the next step of parenthood with him. –Carrie Bell

Tell us: Do you miss Izzie? What do you think of Bailey’s potential love interest? Is Mark being a baby about Lex’s indiscretion? Ron Tom/ABC