By People Staff
Updated January 22, 2010 12:00 AM

There was an outbreak of deceit, depression and dumping at Seattle Grace this week and things – with the exception of Katharine Heigl’s fantastic hair -… look grim on Grey’s Anatomy.

UNWARM WELCOMES: Mer caught her sister and Alex post-genital mashing when she went in to warn Alex that Izzie was on her way home. Lexie reminded her that they’d already slept together so this was “like recycling.” But she felt like a “dirty mistress” until she admitted her indiscretion when Mark returned and he blurted out that he’d slept with Addison. Little Grey thought the acts canceled each other out, but Mark couldn’t even look at her and claimed she broke up with him when he needed her most. Meanwhile, Alex refused to have “a big talk” with his wife who announced that she’d applied for some nearby residencies. Alex went with her to her last scan to make sure she was healthy enough to work and she used that vulnerable moment to ask if he had already moved on. He admitted to sleeping with someone, but she assured him they could get past it.

BUSINESS OR PLEASURE: Yang’s offer of Owen to get Teddy to stay was weighing heavily on her so she debated the subject with the others. Hopeless romantic Izzie voted for love. “Surgery is the thing you come home from, not go home to.” Alex chose work saying “love comes and goes.” Conveniently, as often happens on this show, the residents got a case that perfectly put their lives in perspective. A singer with a tumor told Teddy he’d rather die than to lose his lung and not be able to sing despite his devoted lover hoping for survival at any cost. Teddy honored his lung-saving request despite it not being the best option. Yang took that to mean she understood choosing surgery over a guy. “I want to be great and to learn from you. I choose my gift,” Yang admitted. An intoxicated Teddy told Owen about the indecent proposal, which lead to him barging into Yang’s to declare, “We matter. You don’t get to toss me aside. I won’t let you.” The case lead Alex to let Izzie go after she showed him her clean bill of health: “I know now that I’m good enough not to deserve this, not to feel this. Not to love you so much that I almost hate you. I deserve someone who will stay.”

THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE: Derek wanted to go to the board about the Chief’s alcoholism, but Meredith guilted him out of it by playing the Post-It card. When the boss scheduled a comeback surgery, Bailey finally admitted that his judgment wasn’t clear. A heart-to-heart with Owen confirmed that Der should do whatever would “keep the most alive.” First up was getting him not to scrub in. He persuaded Mer to let him tell, saying his first chiefly act would be rehiring Izzie, who wasn’t getting the Tacoma job. Of course after Alex crushed her reconciliation dreams, she started packing anyway. Mer accused Der of siding with ambition instead of love, an accusation he threw right back at her for staying tightlipped.

A POX ON HER HOUSE: Callie got chicken pox and Arizona quarantined her so she wouldn’t become the “outbreak monkey.” She lied, saying she’d never had it, because she didn’t think the relationship was ready for the reality of illness. She realized the error of her ways when Mark stopped by to rub her itch and forced herself to take care of the patient. Callie explaining her pain (pox between the buttcheeks) and begging Lexie to help her was the episode’s only comic relief. (Much needed after enduring all the bad news.) – Carrie Bell

TELL US: Think it’s really over between Alex and Izzie, Yang and Hunt or Lexie and Mark? Will Deredith be able to weather this relationship storm?