'Grey' 's Is Back — But Is It More of the Same?

Photo: Photo: craig sjodin

Grey‘s is back and we finally see the world of Seattle Grace through the eyes of someone else, Dr. Bailey — or at least her wise narration — and it was not the no-nonsense, efficient world we thought it might be. With her marriage on the brink, true disaster strikes when her little boy Tuck ends up on the operating table and the one who always holds it together falls apart. Baby Bailey’s going to be okay, but her relationship? We’re not sure. And that wasn’t the only carnage at Seattle Grace this week: Looks like Meredith and Derek are also over. Again.

But with all of the night’s talk of faith, does anyone believe this is really the end of Mer and Der? Haven’t we been through all of this before? Like 100 times? Does the show even exist without their teetering romance?

Well, there are other unresolved issues to keep us entertained: Will Hahn and McSteamy finally get it on? Will Bailey and Hahn come to blows? What made Alex go from “good little boy” to “bad man?” Will George move in with Lexie? And what’s up with that?

Still, even with the other story lines and another voice narrating the episode, it always seems to come back to Meredith and Derek. He wants to build her a house in the sky but she’s not sure she can trust him — especially after finding out about nurse Rose and their “one maybe great kiss.”

Tell us: Are you sick of the never-ending back and forth between Meredith and Derek? Or do you love it? How should they end up? And who makes a better narrator, Meredith or Bailey?

Photo: craig sjodin

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