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March 26, 2010 12:00 AM

It was Hunt‘s turn to narrate on Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, which flashed back to the story of loss during his time in the military and the part Teddy played in the tale. Therapy didn’t vanquish all his demons and his strong reaction to Teddy’s assisted-suicide case may have pushed her into the toned arms of McSteamy. –Carrie Bell

RIGHT TO DIE: Teddy asked Hunt to be the second doctor of note on the paperwork for a cancer patient’s physician-assisted suicide. He agreed at first but flipped out during the consultation. She said, “Act of mercy.” He said, “You’re killing her.” He went to Shepherd behind her back and asked for a retest, which led to a showdown and her request to have Sloan step in as doc No. 2. The patient’s husband was having a difficult time but tried to put on a brave face. His wife told Yang that “you have the same fights when you’re dying” and men still can’t tell you how they feel. It was food for thought for Yang as something was obviously irking Hunt.

LOVE AND WAR: The case reminded Hunt of a horrible moment from his service in the Middle East. While driving patients to the Green Zone, his Hummer hit an I.E.D. and exploded. Everyone died except Hunt and his commanding officer, who was badly wounded. Hunt did all he could to save him but his superior knew his was doomed and asked Hunt to let him go. He also told Hunt to propose to Teddy. Soon after he died, she showed up to rescue them. Those unresolved feelings led Hunt to confront the patient about her desire to die. The woman explained, “Maybe you have to be dying to understand that death stops being scary. What starts being scary is hope because it’s not true.” Then, the husband and Hunt had a heart-to-heart: “There will be a moment when all that pain will be gone and you will feel relief and will know you did the right thing,” he said. Hunt was pulling away from Yang, thinking of Teddy, while Teddy used the sex-with-Sloan method of getting over her loss.

ODD MEN OUT: Derek wasn’t excited for Meredith when she told him about a cool case she diagnosed and was going to assist on. He was actually jealous because he missed cutting and decided to reassign his wife’s case to himself. She screamed at him in front of staffers yet he wouldn’t switch her rotation, claiming it would look like he was playing favorites. Avery gave her a coping strategy — act like the Whos in Whoville, who sang instead of letting the Grinch ruin Christmas. Meanwhile, the Old Chief (O.C.) noticed that he was having trouble fitting in with his former underlings. In an awkward moment over lunch, he tried to fit in by saying, “he’d hit” a nurse “hard.” Karev told him the slang term was “hit that” just in time for Bailey to overhear and chastise the O.C. Sloan explained, “You don’t locker room talk in front of the coach. You’re a little bit like everyone, but mostly you’re still a coach.” O.C. came up with a solution to both their problems: He offered Derek invaluable advice about scheduling a surgery a day for himself and suggested they be lunch buddies.

BABY TALK: Ever since Arizona dropped the no-child bomb, Callie had been biting her tongue about her desires to be a mom. “I don’t want to be the desperate girlfriend with the aching womb,” she cried to Sloan who told her to be honest. After a case involving adrenalin junkies who realized they only adventured in order to not disappoint each other, she found the courage. Arizona thought she was breaking up with her because she realized she was “vacationing in Lesbianland.” Callie insisted the news wasn’t bad, but judging by Arizona’s hand-jerk reaction, she doesn’t feel the same. –Carrie Bell

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