By People Staff
Updated January 15, 2010 12:00 AM
Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC; Eric McCandless/ABC

Shonda Rimes and company made up for the long break Thursday with an action-packed two-hour Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice crossover chock full of “OMG” moments.

DAUGHTER DILEMMA: When Lexie found bands wrapped around the legs of Sloan Jr.’s unborn baby during an ultrasound, McSteamy‘s first call was to Addison. She hopped on a plane to do the surgery but he micromanaged the dangerous procedure and demanded that Addison shut it down. Later, Sloan agreed to take his daughter to L.A. to try again and suggested that she move in with him permanently without consulting Lexie. The offer was the last straw. Lexie was not interested in being a mom to the kid and Sloan said he would choose his daughter if she made him pick between the women in his life.

REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD: Within an hour of landing in L.A., Addison and Sloan hooked up. “I forgot how much fun you are,” he said. “That’s what happens when you date children,” she replied. It was enough to plant the seed of getting back together with Addison and raising the kid. It turned out she aborted their child without asking him and this could be their second chance. Addison completed an even riskier operation and daughter and baby were unharmed. But the daughter woke up freaked out and Addison felt it was her duty to educate the patient on adoption. Later, Addison reasoned with Sloan. “If she changed her mind, would you still want to be with me?” she said. “I can’t fall in love with a man who is in love with someone else.” He couldn’t say yes.

HEART-TO-HEART: Owen‘s ex gave Yang her first solo valve replacement, but it soon seemed like a trick because the patient was so high-maintenance. When they finally got her on the table, it got ugly and Yang cried for help, but Teddy ignored her. Hunt eventually stepped in and accused her of wanting Yang to fail. Yang banished her beau from the OR, focused and saved the patient. Hunt later confronted Teddy in a conversation that resulted in Teddy quitting. Yang was devastated that her biggest supporter would bail and tried to entice her to stay by offering her Hunt.

CHIEF CONCERNS: Meredith and Bailey continued to cover up the Chief’s alcoholism. Bailey even claimed she had a thing for a patient, trying to hide the reason he had so many follow-up appointments (the boss botched his surgery). But McDreamy put two and two together, confronted them and his wife cracked. Derek also unsuccessfully tried to find a new mate for Bailey, which could lead to a fun love interest for her.

MISSING IZZIE: With Izzie still gone, Alex and Reed continued to flirt. When Mer reminded him that he was still married, he declared he was moving on because her “stupid Post-It is 10 times the marriage” his church wedding got him. Just when you thought it was a tough-guy act, he found Lexie getting hammered in his room post break-up. Hurt and lonely was a bad combination as they ended up getting it on, and it looks like Alex will have to come clean next week. –Carrie Bell

Tell us: What will happen when Izzie returns? Do Alex and Lexie make a good couple? What will happen with Hunt and Yang? And who could guest star a Bailey’s love interest?Randy Holmes/ABC; Eric McCandless/ABC