'Grey's:' Derek Returns to Save Izzie, Propose to Meredith

If last week’s show was a very special episode, then this week’s Grey’s was a very, very special episode. It was a roller coaster ride between grief and relief with simultaneous moments of pain, fear, tenderness and elation — a Deredith proposal, a triumphant return to the O.R, a step toward survival for Izzie, an accidental strangling, a steamy sex scene — thrown in to ensure tears by the closing monologue.

How McDreamy Got His Groove Back: Derek came out of the woods and offered Meredith the ring, but she refused it on his first day back at work when he was supposed to operate on Izzie. The tough oncologist and Alex doubted that Der was ready. But Mer’s belief never wavered. She brought him his lucky cap and he begged her to accept his proposal and confirm that she’d stand by him. She refused, but said she loved him and reassured him that he could do it. Hesitant at first, he got his swagger back when the oncologist questioned him. After the surgery, he found a romantic way to propose to Mer, decorating the elevator with files from their most important cases together to show her that he needed her to move forward. They agreed to spend the rest of their lives together and sealed it with a kiss.

Unsupportive System: Bailey warned the gang that Izzie needed friends not more doctors during the upcoming weeks of surgeries and radiation treatments, but they had a hard time adjusting to that role. George was hurt that Izzie confided in Yang so he avoided her by taking all the work. Izzie felt alone but Bailey stepped in to keep her spirits up.

Alex was having an especially difficult time, which got more complicated when the Chief suggested he donate sperm in case they wanted to harvest her eggs. He couldn’t bring himself to discuss it with Izzie and had trouble getting the job done, which lead to a serious talk with Mer. Alex was ashamed that he didn’t catch Izzie’s illness when she told him about seeing Denny‘s ghost. Eventually, he delivered but still avoided Izzie until a dying patient told him, “People are better than no ,” at the end. Callie felt ashamed that she’d often wished Izzie dead and made up for it by dragging George to the hall to wait with the others. Bailey brought good news that Der got the tumor out, but chastised them for being bad friends and implored them to do better.

Traumarama: Yang awoke to her battle-scarred beau, in a nightmare trance, strangling her. She forgave him, but Mer thought Yang was in over her head. Mer told her to walk away from Hunt, but Yang stood her ground citing his “war wounds.” Der confronted him about his post-traumatic stress disorder and discussed treatment options. Hunt eventually tried to break up with Yang but she wouldn’t let him. They finally shared a steamy moment in the popular sex den known as the on-call room. But after, Yang admitted that she couldn’t date him after all because she was afraid to fall asleep in his arms. This forced Hunt to go see Derek for some scans, so maybe they’ll reconcile. — Carrie Bell

Tell us: After all this waiting, did you enjoy how Deredith finally got engaged? Did Yang do the right thing in breaking up with Hunt? Will Izzie survive?

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