October 26, 2007 12:00 AM

In the spirit of Halloween, last night’s Grey’s Anatomy had Meredith finally dealing with a long overdue issue: her mother’s death–or at least, her mom’s ashes. We’ve never heard of bring your mother’s ashes to work day, but Mer does just that–which promptly freaks out the rest of the residents. But it forces our Dr. Grey to deal with her emotions like an adult (our biggest complaint about Mer, no?)–and finally give her mother a better resting place than the back of her closet.

Meanwhile Dr. Karev, who up till now has been content playing the resident jerk at Seattle Grace, finally gets a chance at romance. And judging from the heated catch-up session between him and his former patient, Ava, in the surgeon’s bunk last night, Dr. Karev has been one lonely fella! But then he wakes up and ditches Ava, leaving her (and us) wondering if the old, emotionally unavailable Karev might reemerge… As for last week’s unresolved Gizzie love triangle, it looks like George and Callie might be headed to divorceville as the George-Izzy affair becomes hospital fodder. Guess the truth really did set Callie free: The scorned wife told everyone at Seattle Grace about the affair, which seemed to bring her and Yang closer together and set up some tension between Izzie and Yang.

Speaking of the sharp-tongued Yang, we think she might have found her match in the new heart surgeon on staff, Dr. Hahn, whose exchange with Cristina went like this: “I’ve heard about you, if you had the chops in the OR you wouldn’t have to impress in the bedroom.” Yes, this coming from a heart surgeon!

Biggest revelation of the night: McDreamy is ready to start dating other … wasn’t he ready to marry and grow old with Meredith just last week?

Tell us: Should Cristina cut Izzy some slack for sleeping with George? Now that Meredith has finally put her mother to rest, will she be able to get McDreamy back before it’s too late? And is Alex capable of having having a relationship with Ava? –Andrea DeSimone

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