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May 09, 2008 12:00 AM

Isaiah Washington may no longer be welcome at Seattle Grace, but it seems the hospital still misses his character Burke. His presence made a return last night in the form of a newspaper clipping that announces Burke has won a prestigious medical award. It gave Cristina, who’s been pining for Hahn’s approval all season-long, something else to fixate on, at least for one episode. And apparently, it also gave actor Isaiah Washington something to be mad about. He’s having his contact the Screen Actors Guild to see why ABC used his likeness in a show that unceremoniously fired him. We knew bringing Burke back was trouble. Speaking of trouble, Dr. Good Love, aka Mark Sloan, found himself in a heap of it after the nurses’ union lodges a complaint against him for bedding too many hospital personnel. Exhibit A: After dirty dancing in the bar last week, Sloan and Callie wind up doing the deed–and turn up doing it in a hospital room last night. But Callie’s real motives for bedding Sloan–that waaay uncomfortable talk she had with Addison last week about the nature of her relationship with Erica Hahn. And by the way, have you figured out what the writers are getting at with those two–are they BFFs or more?

One couple that definitely has no idea what’s going with their relationship is Mer and Der, who continue to pine, ahem, we mean, perform clinical trials together. This week their patient is in the military and he happens to be gay. He dies without his boyfriend, another man in the service, getting to profess his love because of the military’s don’t ask, don’t tell policy. The case brings Derek and Mer closer, but typical Mer pushes him away and tells him to go spend time with nurse Rose. He does–and finally sleeps with her.

With all the sex that’s going on at Seattle Grace, only the Chief seems to be enjoying it. He winds up in bed with his ex Adele, who reappears as the nurses’ mediator in the case against Sloan. Go Chief!

Tell us: What’d you think of GA bringing back the Burke storyline–was it a good or bad move? What would you like to see happen between Callie and Hahn? And are Mer and Der getting back together, or will they just continue to pine for one another?

Vivian Zink/ABC

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