The two-hour crossover event between Shondaland shows Grey's Anatomy and Station 19 will air Jan. 23 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

By Christina Dugan
January 09, 2020 06:03 PM

Things are about to get real on Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy

In the exclusive trailer for two hit dramas’ two-hour crossover event, the doctors from Grey Sloan Memorial hospital and the brave firefighters from the Station 19 firehouse work together to save the lives of their own after a car crashed into Joe’s Bar during Grey’s Anatomy‘s mid-season finale in November.

“This two-hour event when we return, it’s scary as hell and startling,” Jesse Williams, who plays Dr. Jackson Avery on Grey’s, says in the trailer.

“The season premiere, everybody is in it together,” Station 19 star Barrett Doss adds. “The stakes are super high and they all have to use all of their skills to solve this problem.”

Credit: Kelsey McNeal/ABC

In the trailer, Dr. Ben Warren (Jason George) and Dr. Avery (who was in the bar with Station 19‘s Captain Pruitt at the time of the crash) work tirelessly to help the victims of the accident.

Dr. Ben Warren and Captain Pruitt

“Is my husband in danger?” a panicked Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) asks. “Get my husband out of there.”

“Nothing can happen to Ben Warren,” Wilson, whose character suffered a miscarriage on the mid-season finale, says in the trailer. “Not today.”

While the two Shondaland shows have combined their worlds before, showrunner Krista Vernoff confirms there will be more crossover moments during the second part of Grey’s Anatomy‘s season 16 and season 3 of Station 19.

“It’s a massive puzzle and a really exciting and daunting challenge,” Vernoff tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I’ve been amazed at the way everyone has risen to the occasion.”

“Now our worlds are even more intertwined,” Station 19 star Jaina Lee Ortiz told PEOPLE in December. “I feel like it will be more of a two-hour show as opposed to two separate shows. I think there’s a deeper connection. It will get way more complicated. There are a lot more love triangles happening.”

While Vernoff says Grey’s Anatomy fans can expect lots of answers to the cliffhangers this season (including the paternity of Amelia Shepherd’s baby!), the screenwriter promises ample surprises in Station 19.

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“There’s a lot of romance,” Vernoff exclusively tells PEOPLE. “There’s a lot of fracturing of friendship dynamics that have previously felt more solid. It’s messy. It’s a messier show this year. The emotional dynamics are messy. It’s visually messier. People are wearing more soot. They’re wearing more soot on their faces and on their hearts.”

“They are a messy group of people,” Vernoff adds. “One thing that fans can expect and look forward to that I’m really excited about is that we’ve really leaned into a flashback motif this season. We’re flashing back to the lives of these characters and asking this question: ‘What made this person want to be a firefighter? What was defining for this person? What was defining moment in their young lives?'”

The Grey’s Anatomy-Station 19 crossover event will air Jan. 23 at 8 p.m. on ABC.