Also, Meredith tries out a nanny following Derek's departure

By Amanda Michelle Steiner
Updated January 29, 2015 11:00 PM
Credit: Ron Batzdorff/ABC

It may have been a while since Grey’s Anatomy aired its winter finale, but don’t worry – the doctors of Grey Sloane Memorial still relate way too much to the traumas that get wheeled in to the ER.

April (Sarah Drew) and Jackson (Jesse Williams) were still reeling after learning that their unborn baby has a fatal condition, and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) was as hot-and-cold about her relationship with Derek (Patrick Dempsey) as ever. However, she may have found a new Person. Or, well, a suitable stand-in, anyway.

Also, as ever, Dr. Herman (Geena Davis) is not here for anyone’s BS.

Meredith Was Outwardly Very Chill About McDreamy’s McDeparture

Meredith told people that Derek had left her alone to fend for herself and their children in the way you might reveal you tried out a new brand of laundry detergent and you just didn’t care for it. “Oh, I tried Tide – not my jam.” “Oh, I need a nanny because Derek left us.” No big deal.

The nanny, Lynn (Maggie Egan), is just the kind of woman Meredith needs – used to working with doctors, doesn’t mind being ignored for hours at a time.

“I need a person who is in it with me,” Meredith told Lynn tearfully after a particularly rough day. The emphasis she places on the word “person” leads one to believe she’s thinking of both Derek and Cristina (the sorely missed Sandra Oh).

They hugged, and Meredith went home to pull her Post-It vows from the trash where she threw them earlier. She called Derek and insisted that they could make it work, that she wants them to stop fighting. We’ll see!

“That’s My Tumor”

Dr. Herman (Geena Davis) found out pretty quickly that Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) stole her brain scans. Instead of having her arrested, she just kind of yelled at her a bit. You got off easy, Arizona!

Amelia told Dr. Herman that her tumor is “smart. It’s brilliant. But so am I. I can beat it.” Those Shepherd siblings, honestly – such egomaniacs.

Of course, Dr. Herman is not willing to put her brain in danger – she’ll allow Amelia to operate only at the point of no return, just before it would be too dangerous to operate at all.

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Despite learning that her baby has a fatal birth defect, April showed up to work like it was nothing. Of course, her coping mechanism is her business, but hubby Jackson seemed to disagree, and dispatched Owen ( Kevin McKidd) to remove her from surgery.

Then, April and Owen started arguing over an open, bloody wound as April continued to remove organs while she talked. As professional a hospital as ever.

Jackson, though, was reasonably upset about the fact that April wouldn’t talk to him about her feelings about the baby … or about anything.

Later, Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) got torn a new one by April – and rightfully so – for telling Jackson about the baby’s osteogenesis before April. Honestly, Maggie. You’re bad at making decisions.

Trauma of the Week

A woman drove herself and her two kids off of a bridge. Everybody turned out fine, but it had the staff at Grey Sloane Memorial very emotional.

The accident didn’t go over too well with April, in particular – the fact that this woman had almost killed her “perfectly healthy” kids. She took it even worse, however, when she found out that the woman had a tumor on her pancreas causing her to act unlike herself – she, like April, had no control over what happened to her children.

Sobbing, suffering a crisis of faith, asking why God would do this to them, she told Jackson that they’re having a boy.

“Best case: Our kid has surgery after surgery. Worst case: Our kid lives minutes after birth.”