November 16, 2007 12:00 AM

“For the most part, we still have the same problems we did when we were 15,” said Voiceover Meredith in last night’s Grey’s Anatomy. And thanks to a school bus full of injured teens, the staff of Seattle Grace learned that was all too true.

Like Bailey, who despite being a successful doctor, wife, mom and chief resident of a major metropolitan hospital, as she pointed out, still felt inferior to her high school crush, who used her to do his homework and tutor him in high school, but never thought about her otherwise. And when he entered the hospital as a patient, he was still trying to charm her into doing his work, in this case, filling out scads of patient paperwork. And Izzie, who was transported back to being a lonely, pregnant 17-year-old girl from the trailer park when she met up with a lonely teenage girl whose best friend Danny had just slipped into a permanent coma after McDreamy had to remove a pencil that had gotten lodged into Danny’s brain. With the Gizzie affair still up in the air, Izzie also felt like she’s lost her best friend.

And, as always, any drama affecting the whole staff is going to weigh heavy on Meredith, whose drunkard of a father came into the ER after sticking his hand through a window. Meredith actually found a drunk Thatcher Grey to be charming, so much so that she chastised Lexie for not taking better care of him. But Lexie pointed out that Thatcher is a mean, neurotic, perpetually drunk mess, and Meredith once again had to face the fact that she’s never had the chance to have a real relationship with her dad.

Elsewhere, McDreamy revealed that he wasn’t always so, well, dreamy.

“In high school, I was 110 lbs., and I hadn’t yet figured out the hair product, so I had a big afro,” he told Bailey. “And I had acne, and I, too, wore a band uniform.”

Who’d a thunk it?

Of course, back to the present, McDreamy is McDreamy, and though he once again went off into the night with Meredith, it wasn’t before an operating nurse named Rose caught his eye.

So what do you think: Will Derek wait around indefinitely for Mer to make a real commitment? Or is he going to start sniffing around Nurse Rose?

And, our favorite moment of the night: Mark offering to fake a heart attack to get Derek out of a date with Sidney, or Sidney breaking up with Derek, who she wasn’t really dating to begin with? –Kimberly Potts

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