October 31, 2008 12:00 AM

When the episode opened with a warning that no animals were hurt during filming (a first), we immediately had high expectations for this week’s installment of the doc drama. With the help of a new brash attending and his practice pork, a risky tween tumor removal, Sapphic stupefaction and Alex’s foray into commitment, the staff of Seattle Grace made good on the promise.

Girl-on-Girl Reaction: Thanks to last week’s lessons, Erica and Callie had a mind-blowing second sexual attempt. Callie compared it to when she finally got glasses as a kid and her headaches disappeared and the green blobs she always saw became clear. “I could see the leaves on trees and I didn’t even know I was missing them. I didn’t know they existed. You are glasses. I am so gay, extremely gay,” she said welling up.

As any GA fan knows, this honest and uncontrolled outpouring makes Callie run for… the company of McSteamy. She requested “plain old missionary, boy-girl, penis-vagina sex” and was bummed when it was good for her. They hooked up again later and she was still miserable. When McSteamy told her she was the first woman he’d been with who was disappointed they made it to the big finish, she confided in him that Erica cried in bed after sex. “That was a compliment,” he reasoned. She explained further, “She was having a revelation. The sex is awesome with her. But it is also awesome with you. I thought there should be a difference between you and Erica.” Suddenly he got moral: “The difference is that I know you had sex with her 12 hours ago. She doesn’t know you had sex with me and that makes you a cheater. I’m fine with it. Are you?”

Callie had a heart to heart with Erica and admitted that she slept with McSteamy. “You were crying and seeing leaves and I wasn’t. I may never see leaves. I want to be with you and to do that I need to at least tell you the truth.” She ended the physical side of her relationship with McSteamy, but invited him for a drink. “We’re still friends. You are good for more than sex.” This revelation seemed to really please–and surprise–him. Theater of Operation: Emotions and tension ran high when The Chief assigned Bailey to another risky surgery – this time a 10-year-old girl with an inoperable tumor – to raise the hospital’s profile. Bailey chose Meredith to assist her. Hahn’s diagnosis was hopeless, arguing that three hospitals had turned the family down and they should do the same, but the Chief is on a mission and taking groundbreaking cases is the best way to get noticed. They came up with a plan, which involved taking out all of the girl’s organs at once, but the surgery got complicated and required on-their-feet brainstorming. Hahn shot down every idea Bailey or Mer had, until finally the dueling surgeons had it out. Bailey confronted Hahn, saying: “I find it hard to believe you’re accepting congratulations considering you didn’t want to do this operation in the first place and when you finally did do it, you fought me every step of the way. You may be a fine surgeon, but today you were a pain in the a–, a nay-saying, bullying, consistently negative pain in the ass. At no point, did you encourage me or make me think this surgery could be anything but a failure. And it wasn’t just me. You made it hard for all of us.”

The Chief called Mer in and explained why he was being cold. Her doll reminded him of when she was a kid, wandering around the hospital, lacking a parental support system. “Seeing Anatomy Jane reminded me of how much I was to blame for that. You are a living reminder of every failure in my life. That’s not your fault and if I thought ‘I’m sorry’ would hold any meaning for you, I would say it a thousand times a day.” We have a feeling the latest bumpy road is just starting to be paved for Mer this season as the show ended with her finding a giant box of her mom’s diaries.

On the Hunt: The Chief introduced Derek and McSteamy to the new head of trauma – Major Owen Hunt or Mr. Army Surgeon Bada– (ASB) if you’re nasty. Der and McSteamy are still peeved that he stole their patients last time he was in the hospital. Mer and Yang were walking in and the minute Yang saw him, she made an about face and dragged Mer down the hall at a fast clip. She came clean about the kiss and swore not to get involved with another attending. Mer wondered if he’d quit the military for her. “That would be severely stalker-y but very romantic.”

Hunt was in charge of the skills lab and Yang did her best to avoid his gaze. They had to operate on pigs which Hunt stabbed in front of them. Izzie was offended by his pig brutality and took herself out of the game. The new doc tortured Izzie with animal-testing successes of the past throughout the shift, but she didn’t cower to him even when he held the chance to use a cool new surgical tool over her head. “You’re torturing God’s creatures in an age where we have the technology that no longer requires us to. If you want to do that go ahead, but don’t tell me I’m less of a doctor for walking away.”

He berated Yang’s precise work after asking her name and praised George’s quick techniques. It was hard to tell what pissed her off more … being second to the newest resident or Hunt’s seeming amnesia. Further inflaming the situation, he challenged Yang to keep all four pigs alive after sending George and Alex’s teams to operate to the ER to deal with car crash victims. He wouldn’t let Der and McSteamy examine the crash victims even though their specialties were involved and he made Alex fix a head wound with something in the room so Alex used skin glue. When Der and McSteamy finally got the patient, they lambasted the glue usage because the guy could lose half his face. Der complained to the Chief that “Rambo was out of control,” but the boss told him to call only if he killed somebody. The McDuo took matters into their own hands and confronted the major about how he “almost maimed a guy for life.” While he had started the day rubbing everyone the wrong way, he was quick to take the criticism and asked that in the future, if they have a better way to do something, he’d listen.

Meanwhile back in the lab, Yang and her intern army performed some intense surgeries to keep all the porkers alive to become bacon another day. When ASB returned, she gave him the rundown of what they’d done, he was thrilled with their “great work” and he directed them to “put them out and write up the work. Terminate them.” Yang stormed off after that request (Nice to be reminded of her human side every once in awhile) and he hunted her down (Hunt hunted. Get it?) to remind her how much she learned working on the swine and that to keep them alive after those extensive procedures would be inhumane. She called him out about not remembering her name. “I remember your name but that was before. This last tour, we treated combat casualties in the field. You are looking mostly at deep damage control. We ended up in the middle of an RPG ambush. There were 20 in my unit and 19 died. I got discharged so I’m not there anymore in the before. I knew your name in the before and now I am living in the after.” Major baggage is usually right up Yang’s alley so guessing that’s where this storyline is headed.

Romance Round-Up: Lexie and George started off the episode fighting, but after a tough day with the pigs she named and became attached to, Lexie realized an important personal detail. Over a mac-n-cheese peace offering, she apologized. “I take things personally. I get too emotional. There’s no place for it at work. Not with the pigs and not with you. I’m sorry.”

Things are getting deeper between Alex and Izzie although the coupling had a bumpy start this week. Izzie woke up to Alex wondering if they were “screwing other or not” as he had plans with a chick from peds. “You’re an ass. We’ve been sleeping together for a week and already you’re bored. I’m hot and great in bed so what’s wrong with you?” Because Alex is incapable of talking about his feelings, the fight got bigger and he threatened to also tap a different girl from radiology next. Before the hour concluded, he approached her again and tried to do a better job explaining his thought process. “I’m not good at relationships or talking about stupid feelings. You are so maybe you could teach me or something. Tell me what I did wrong.” It finally clicked for her that it was his way of saying he didn’t want them to see other . She took matters into her own hands and asked him to go steady. –Carrie Bell

Tell us: What do you think of the new doc and are you interested in Yang exploring a relationship with him? What do you think Mer will learn from her mom’s journals? Do you think Callie-Erica or Izzie-Alex have a better shot at a relationship?

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