Grey's Anatomy: Messy Affairs of the Heart

In the shockingly graphic conclusion of a two-part episode of Grey’s Anatomy last night, everyone is trying to save a life–and also salvage their personal relationships–with mixed results.

Meredith impresses the Chief while furiously to save Ray, a paramedic trapped inside an overturned ambulance. Afterward, Meredith–who seems to have a breakthrough on the commiment front–confronts Derek and tells him she doesn’t want him dating other .

It could be too little too late, as McDreamy was busy cultivating a relationship with his own star pupil, Nurse Rose, during a brain surgery operation that experienced an O.R. computer crash. Nurse Rose, who took three semesters of computer classes, turns into an IT savior. Her reward? A passionate kiss with McDreamy. Elsewhere, poor Bailey can’t catch a break. She chooses to save her white supremacist patient, instead of dealing with her faltering marriage. To make matters worse, Cristina later gives Bailey hell for pulling her off of Hahn’s cardio patient, just to make a point with the white supremacist.

Then, after weeks of bad sex and awkward romantic gestures, Gizzy, it seems, finally ran its course. After a draining day (during which she got called out by the wife of a patient for being a terrible doctor with bad upbringing), Izzie is again curled up in a fetal position in bed, where she says to George: “I love you. This isn’t going to work, is it?”

The episode ends with Mer, Cristina, Lexie, George and Izzie dancing and drinking as voiceover Meredith notes: “Somehow, the world always rights itself again.”

But will it? With the end of Gizzy, is this also the end of Mer/Der? And do you think McDreamy and Nurse Rose have chemistry? –Jane Boursaw

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