October 25, 2007 12:00 AM

Between McDreamy, McSteamy and the McGizzie, er, Gizzie, love affair, there hasn’t been a lot of room for Justin Chambers‘s Alex to get a lot of play recently. On tonight’s Halloween-themed episode of Grey’s Anatomy (9 p.m. ET), that all changes…

While the rest of the staff is in chaos–Meredith thinks her mother’s ashes are haunting her, Cristina and Izzie are at odds, someone’s getting fired and Callie tells everyone about her two-timin’ man–Alex finally gets the chance to reunite with Ava. And, well, let’s just say he takes that chance and runs with it!

Alex, followed by oldie intern Norman (Gilmore Girls‘s grandpa Edward Hermann), is told that a patient is waiting for him in one of the exam bays. When he flings back the curtain: It’s Rebecca/Ava(Elizabeth Reaser), who tells him that while everyone else pondered who they wanted to pretend to be for Halloween, she knew she wanted to go back to being Ava, because, of course, it meant being with him. “Go make yourself busy, Norman,” Alex says, and then… well, you’ll have to tune in for that little Halloween treat.

As if that weren’t enough drama for one little episode, the Seattle Grace will also be dealing with a man who wants one of his feet to be chopped off (and takes matters into his own hands–ew!–when they refuse; a deaf boy who wants the docs to give him new ears; and a guy who cut into his finger while carving a pumpkin. With a chainsaw.

Is it just us, or does this have the makings of frighteningly good episode? –Kimberly Potts


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