By People Staff
November 09, 2007 12:00 AM

We’ve finally figured it out, , the real reason why Gizzie has no chemistry. It’s not because they can only get randy when there’s conflict, or that they’re just desperately trying to turn friendship into romance where there is none.

Well, maybe it is that. But they’re also fizzling because we, as fans, have willed them to. For the love of McDreamy, how much more of this ill-fated hook-up can we take?! The answer: Not. Much. More.

George and Izzie, with a little luck, are truly on the downward slope after last night’s Grey’s Anatomy episode, in which even sharing their fantasies wasn’t enough to kick start their way to a repeat performance of the once hot sex they had. While we’re on the topic of frustration, has anyone thought about what the end game is for Meredith? She wasn’t happy with McDreamy. Then she wasn’t happy without him. Now, she’s got her wham, bam, thank you McDreamy relationship, but she’s still not happy because she’s busily obsessing over the half-sister she claims not to care about.

Our point: The only who are happy or seem to show any signs of seeking to be, are a) the who aren’t in this little circle of Seattle Grace angst-meisters, or b) the who’ve extricated themselves from their circle, i.e. Callie (who, despite losing her cheating hubby and getting fired as chief resident, is trying to be happy) and Addison, who fled the city.

And don’t even get us started on the grating new presence that is Dr. Hahn, and the disastrous pairing that she’ll make with McSteamy, who inexplicably has a mad crush on her.

So tell us: Now that Gizzie has acknowledged they’re sans chemistry, do you think they’ll finally move on? Is there any hope for Mer and McDreamy, when the thing she’s most committed to is being unhappy? Is Meredith finally softening her anti-sister stance? And who’s your least fave new character: Dr. Hahn or Lexie? –Kimberly Potts