By People Staff
Updated May 23, 2008 12:00 AM

You knew it was coming–after all that tension in the last few episodes, Meredith and Derek finally realized they want to be together on last night’s Grey’s Anatomy. And Mer and Der weren’t the only ones who got a second chance, it seemed the rest of Seattle Grace’s finest got back on track after acting all out of sorts most of the season.

The mopey Yang got back her surgery mojo after Mer lends her the sparkler pager. With her newfound confidence, she performs a difficult heart procedure on a 19-year-old patient who’s encased in a tub of cement–this while standing up to Hahn’s verbal abuse and getting backed up by the Chief.

In what what was the least interesting storyline of the night, Lexie breaks into the Chief’s files and reads up on all the residents. She finds out Alex lied about having testicular cancer, Yang had eight letters of recommendation and George was just one point away from making resident. Armed with that knowledge, George confronts the Chief and gets a second chance at retaking the exam. He’s so happy he kisses Lexie, who lingers over that kiss like she’s lovestruck. Uh oh, we know where this is going… Alex, as we’ve sometimes suspected, has a heart, a sensitive and wounded one at that. After Ava/Rebecca tries to kill herself under his watch, the truth comes out: Alex had gone through this emotional roller coaster before–with his mother when he was a boy. And the truth brings Alex with Izzie back together–possibly for one night only–in what we thought was the sexiest moment of the finale. But they weren’t the only ones reconnecting: The Chief returns home to Adele’s open arms, Callie finally confronts her feelings for Hahn (with Sloan’s leaf-turning blessing) and of course, there was Mer and Der.

That beautiful scene at the end–Meredith standing atop that grassy plain filled with candles that mapped out her and Derek’s future plan–had one small hitch: Derek had to go break things off with Rose so that he could “do more than kiss” Meredith. He asks her to wait for him, and off he goes into the night.

Grey’s could very well return next season with all the doctors and residents acting like pod again, but we’re so glad for one night the residents and doctors of Seattle Grace returned to the we connected with in season one.

Tell us: What did you love/hate about last night’s GA finale? What was your favorite moment? And what do you predict will happen with Mer-Der?Kevin Winter/Getty Images; Celebrity Photo