By People Staff
Updated December 01, 2020 03:56 PM
Credit: Ron Tom/ABC

Most days it’s good to be the king. Unfortunately for Seattle Grace’s new chief, this was not one of them. Between a pending lawsuit, the arrival of an extremely high-risk patient and being caught saying things he shouldn’t to his wife, it’s safe to say Derek Shepherd gained a few worry lines. (And that’s without knowing what the fallout will be from two of his employees, Callie and Arizona, breaking up over the baby debate.)

A patient, whose brain-dead wife was taken off life support because of her do-not-resuscitate order, filed a wrongful death lawsuit and wanted to confront the doctor at the deposition. Der was rattled by his presence, and it made him hesitate when a 600-lb. man arrived at the hospital in need of numerous high-risk surgeries. He didn’t want to waste the time and resources “caring for someone who obviously doesn’t care for himself.”

The old chief, familiar with the demands of the position, made the plea to reconsider and Derek changed his mind. The case looked dicey at first, but it eventually went Der’s way.

Der opened a can of worms when he let slip to Meredith that Owen didn’t give the thumbs up to Teddy for a permanent position. Mer came close to telling Yang and when she overheard Teddy thanking Owen for putting in a good word, he knew Der had said something. Owen immediately lambasted his boss for not valuing his privacy. During an argument, Mer suggested he not tell her things, but he doesn’t want “80 percent of his day off limits to his wife.” She agreed and said she’s keep her mouth shut but only after she warned Yang. “He must have done it because he still wants Teddy,” she said. “Am I supposed to stand around and watch her get hurt?” –Carrie Bell

Tell us: Should Mer keep the secret or come clean to her best friend to try to prevent future heartbreak?Ron Tom/ABC