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Updated November 06, 2009 12:00 AM
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A variety of gut-wrenching sick-kid stories made some doctors feel the love while others found themselves fighting the system and each other in an episode that constantly zigzagged between funny and heartbreaking and had its fill of “Oh My Grey’s” moments. –Carrie Bell

Alex: After finding out Izzie left him with $200,000 of unpaid medical bills, Alex threw himself into the care of a premature stroke baby. Reed, who overheard the bill discussion, turned up the charm. The hardened Alex we used to know (but not love) reared his ugly head, telling her to “get out of his face.” When the baby’s fate seemed sealed, his tenderness reappeared and he held her and assured her she wasn’t alone. His technique, the kangaroo hold, kick started her system. Bailey explained it often worked better with skin-to-skin contact, so he spent the rest of the episode shirtless, earning flak from the McDoctors and appreciation from Reed (and Justin Chambers fans). After he spent the night cuddling, Bailey suggested he specialize in pediatrics.

Arizona: The parents of one of Arizona’s repeat patients announced plans to donate $25 million to the hospital because their child had lived longer than expected thanks to her dedication. But when his condition deteriorated, she agreed under pressure from the Chief, the board and his parents to perform another operation despite thinking better of it. “I feel like I’m operating on a stack of dollar bills,” she grumbled before the kid died from septic shock. She went to Callie for comfort, but instead transferred her anger onto her: “I have helped you through crisis after crisis and once I thought I could come here and get something back.” After facing the parents (who appreciated the gesture and still pledged the cash), she returned to sort things out with Callie, who had planned a surprise birthday party complete with presents, donuts and herself in a mean corset. In a sweet scene, Arizona and Callie exchanged three little words: “I love you.”

Yang: Hunt, who didn’t page Yang for two emergencies that came into the ER in the middle of the night, found himself in the doghouse once again. But it was Yang who crossed the line when she went against his orders and performed an unauthorized embolism procedure while they were on a surgery together. Jackson aided her by turning on the monitor and later admitted being attracted to her risk-taking. The patient lived and Yang was cocky, but it started a rift between her and Hunt. “I’ve been around the block once or twice. I know what I’m doing and you’re not qualified,” he said, adding that he’d have to tell the Chief. At home, he accused her of taking advantage of their relationship and reminded her that she “got lucky and one day that luck’s going to run out.”

Meredith: It could have been a Valentine’s Day episode considering all the romance. Reed’s interest in Alex is growing and Jackson’s crushing on Yang. He even made a pass at her while inebriated at the party. When Yang went to Meredith to complain about Hunt, she pointed out that it would have been Yang’s career if something had gone wrong and Hunt’s concern was proof he’s in love. She apologized and requested that Hunt come home. Even Deredith ended the episode amorously, suggesting Meredith has healed.

Tell us: What did you think of the episode? Do you love Arizona and Callie as a couple? Is Yang too reckless? Should Alex open his eyes and heart to Reed?

Karen Neal/ABC; Ron Tom/ABC