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March 12, 2010 12:00 AM

Half the Seattle Grace staff has love, marriage and children on their mind while the other half are preoccupied with landing a prestigious Harper Avery Award. This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy deftly walked the line between sentimental and silly while providing a few very memorable OMG moments. (You may never look at a postage stamp the same way again!) –Carrie Bell

MOVIN’ ON UP: Callie convinced Sloan to ask Teddy out on a date. She declined until she talked to Arizona who thought Sloan could be just the fun “candy” she needs. Mark got a taste of his own medicine when he realized she was planning to use him for sex. He earned a few points with a surgical assist and his snarky remarks about her treating him like “a piece of ass” lured her back. By that point, Callie had convinced him that he was “worth getting to know in daylight” so his final offer was lunch in public. Perhaps followed by a walk. He explained, “I want to build a life and a family.” When Alex overheard the proposal, he ceased worrying that Sloan wanted to kill him and relayed his relief to Lexie. She had a different reaction, realizing that her ex was moving on and that she wasn’t ready to let go, which resulted in a bathroom breakdown in front of her sister.

FRIENDLY COMPETITION: The ex-chief played the almost-out-of-the-game card to get Hunt to hand over a Harper Avery-worthy tumor case. Yang told Hunt he got played and urged him to fight for it. Derek told each to come up with their surgical plan and then he’d choose the best one. Yang assigned herself to her old boss in order to spy for her beau. But Richard called her out and flipped her by promising she could do some cutting. Der picked the Hunt, but when the surgery didn’t go as planned, he requested Richard’s help. He came up with an idea to extract the liver and so far the patient is alive. It earned points with Der, but the ex-Chief is still sensitive to his downgraded position.

WORD OF WARNING: Hunt witnessed one of the date requests and jumped up to defend Teddy’s honor. Sloan replied, “This may come as a shock but looks like I’m the respectful adult in this situation.” Meredith saw his valiant effort and later threatened Hunt who claimed he was just looking out for his friend against the “public health hazard.” Mer countered, “You were jealous. It took a long time to make Yang happy and if you mess with that, I will turn on you.”

BACK IN THE GAME: Ben asked Bailey over for dinner at his place, technically the third date, and it sent her into a tailspin. Especially after Callie warned her that the “third date is the sex date,” which led to questions about woman-scaping, when to leave and who provides the condoms. She scared Bailey into booking a wax, but the Nazi was frightened off by the postage-stamp descriptions, which led to one of the best verbal exchanges in the show’s history: “If a man can’t deal with a little nature on the surgical field, than that man has no business getting near mine,” Bailey hollered. Cut to the date and a nervous Bailey barked about how she played by her own rules. Ben cut her off and told her lectures would not work on him and tried for an adult conversation about sex. They agreed that they’d take their time and that being just friends held no interest. Then he kissed her!

FUTURE SHOCK: Callie was feeling proud for being part of the stable couple and for her sage relationship advice. She imagined growing old with Arizona in a house full of kids, still trying to guide Sloan. Arizona was up for everything but the moppets. Apparently, she likes saving kids but having her own is not part of her plan. And judging by the look on Callie’s face, her plan is going to be an issue.

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